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How to cure insomnia naturally

If you have problems sleeping and you reconcile not sleep easily at night we must have in mind some natural recommendations. Insomnia is a disorder very common in people today and also occurs when the person has a dream very light (wakes up before any sound). Discover how to cure insomnia naturally.

How to cure insomnia naturally

1- What causes insomnia?

According to research carried out years ago about this problem so common in the adult population, insomnia is due to various factors, such as stress, depression and anxiety. At the same time, our way of life influences the way in which we sleep. It may also be due to the change of time, modification of the customs or travel to another country.
It is very common that a person not to sleep after a discussion at work or a fight with your partner, nor if he has eaten much at dinner, or if you are aware of what will happen the next day (before the wedding, the first day of classes, etc). Another reason is that when we change some habits, for example during the holidays, body must get back to the routine and that can lead to insomnia.

How to cure insomnia naturally

2- Natural remedies to treat insomnia:

If you have this problem frequently and it is not that you think once every now and then for something well point, take a look at the following home and natural remedies to treat insomnia:
Hot milk: contains a hormone, melatonin, which is related to deep sleep. It is effective to combat insomnia and other similar problems. Before going to bed, drink a cup of warm or hot, milk alone if possible (or sugar).
Valerian: the root of this plant has sedative properties, which help to sleep more deeply and fast asleep. Drink an infusion or tea in the evenings is ideal for "sleep like an Angel". But you have to pay attention to the amount you eat because if you exceed, the next day you do not hear or alarm clock.
Linden or lime tree: is a wonderful anxiolytic and sedative. Drink this herb tea before you go to bed will help you improve the quality of sleep. At the same time is advisable in patients with anxiety or Contracture, problems because combat muscle tension, calms, due to its antispasmodic properties.
Lettuce: is used for babies when they reconciled not sleep or wake up many times at night. It is recommended to consume tea of lettuce for one greater effect than if you eat a salad of a vegetable at dinner. It contains several substances with analgesic and sedative effects. For children, soak lettuce in the bathtub and take the water over your head while they bathe him.
Lavender: this is for you if you like aromatherapy. The smell of this plant helps to relax the nervous system, reconciling sleep and combat stress. You can flavoring your room with lavender essential oil, have a seedling at the entrance of the room or drinking an infusion to relieve insomnia and sleep like a stone.
Orange Blossom: orange flowers have a both relaxing and anxiolytic effect that will serve to be able to sleep more peacefully. You can drink a tea with these flowers, inhaling a little essential oil before going to bed, or add it to an immersion bath water. If you have a patio, please do not hesitate to plant this tree, as far as possible in the direction of the window of your room.

How to cure insomnia naturally

3- Tips to avoid insomnia:

Rather than try the previous home and natural remedies is good that there is a change in your routine and your daily activities:

Use the bed for sleeping, not for work or study. Nor for watching television, eating, or use laptop, not even read (if it's something that clears you mind is allowed). It is the body will get used to relate this unit with any other activity that is not sleep (or sex) and want to stay awake and attentive.
Be careful with what dinners: If you eat a lot of food in the evening, it is most likely that you can not sleep, so if you eat meals with much fat, sugars or flours. This will bring you consequently digestive problems and to be able to reconcile the dream. But you also go to the other end and not read anything, because an empty stomach "bother" also and is very likely that you wake up in the middle of the night wanting to attack the refrigerator. So that the best are light dinners.
Meditate: insomnia causes that your body and your brain are awake and alert longer or at a time that does not correspond. With meditation and relaxation you can help regulate sleep cycles.
Enjoy the benefits of music therapy: certain melodies will make you sleep better, especially if it is classical music or nature sounds, such as a waterfall, the waves of the sea, birds, etc. You have to concentrate on the music and relax, your body will be sleeping slowly. Songs too loud, or whatever your favorite artist of the radio, nor have letter are not recommended.
Avoids the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, coffee or tea: you must at least allow 4 hours before you go to bed, because otherwise, your nervous system is very stimulated and not relax and fall asleep. If you get it, the quality of those hours will not be good.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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