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Pumpkin jam recipe

Are you passionate about squash? Then you should not miss this simple homemade recipe with which to enjoy one of the most healthy, delicious and versatile vegetable that exist. You can keep it for a long time and produce tasty cakes, as well as simple toasts to enjoy your breakfast. Do you feel like?
Maybe you already know the pumpkin jam recipe. We're going to facilitate an elaborate based on pumpkin, raisins and cinnamon. It offers an original and tasty touch that is worth a try. Tell you also that this jam will not be suitable for diabetics, since it contains sugar. But we are sure that it will be a great treat for both large and small. Here we go...

Pumpkin jam recipe

1- Why is pumpkin jam good?

This tasty Orange vegetable has in its interior a very adequate supply of fiber, so it is going to help in those moments in which we suffer an episode of constipation.
Pumpkin contains a high component in water and very little sugar. Usually for making jams the same amount of sugar to fruit is included, but we are going to put half. Thus, you will get a relatively acceptable jam, it will not be overly sweet or you will have many calories. It is without doubt one of the healthiest.
Another benefit of the pumpkin is that it is an antioxidant food. It contains a contribution very suitable coumarins, carotenoids, lycopene... so we will avoid the aging and care of our cells from free radical attack.
Pumpkin is also a good diuretic. We will therefore avoid fluid retention.
Another of its wonderful properties, is that pumpkin prevents infections of the respiratory system, assisting the production of red and white cells.
It contains vitamin A, excellent for hair, skin, nails, vista, bones and immune system.

2- Pumpkin jam recipe:

Pumpkin jam recipe


1 kg of pumpkin.
Half a kilo of sugar. If you wish, you can replace it with stevia or other sweetening matter where you want to reduce your calories, or perimitir that is suitable for a diabetic.
150 grams of raisins seeded
A wand of cinnamon sticks.
40 ml lemon juice.
20 grams of butter
A remotely of salt


We will begin putting in maceration squash the night before. To do this, Peel the squash and cut it into cubes. Put it in a pot with a little water covering it, introduces sugar and raisins. So leave it all night.
The next morning, we will begin to esterelizar glass vials in which we go to enter the pumpkin jam, so have them ready. Put them in boiling water in a pot, along with caps, remove them carefully and put them upside down over a cloth for drying.
Now let's prepare the jam already. To start turning the macerated squash and raisins (with the water included, since it is where is sugar) in a pot or pan, if mud is much better. Add butter, lemon juice, a salt remotely, and the cinnamon sticks.
Put the fire to low average temperature.
See stirring this mixture to avoid us sticking on the bottom.
Pumpkin jam tends to thicken fairly quickly, you should keep that in mind. It is similar to the apricot jam, both end up taking a creamy texture much faster than others, as it is the case of the Strawberry Jam, which takes quite. So, don't forget to be attentive and stir well.
A trick to know if a jam is ready, is to put a teaspoon in a dish. Take it to the refrigerator and let it just a minute. When you remove it, put the finger to check if it is consistent and leaves a Groove. If so, it is ready.
Pumpkin jam is usually cooked in only half an hour. But it all depends on how you like it to you. After acquiring the texture desired, turn off the heat and let stand 15 minutes.
Now, to get a finer texture and homogenous, we passed mix mixer, mashing the pumpkin. Reitira sooner if you like cinnamon sticks wand.
It now takes pumpkin jam glass boats. So they last you longer, you know that you can boil them to the bath maria, that way they will be hermetically sealed.
Pumpkin jam is very easy to make. It can last you two months canned.
Combines both sweet and salty, an explosion of flavor in your kitchen that you can not miss.
Try the tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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