Tuesday, August 11, 2015

7 myths you should know about cholesterol

There is much misinformation regarding cholesterol, a word that certainly you've heard more than once and that the doctor said that their levels are not as they should be. Perhaps you think that LDL is the bad guy and not be so... Find out what are the myths about cholesterol (and truths) in this article.

7 myths you should know about cholesterol

1- What is cholesterol?:

The lack of information or simply read a publication or listen to a friend talking about can cause us many problems and this not only refers to cholesterol, but also to any question relating to health.
It is therefore that we have consulted with several experts to give to know the myths and truths "popular" one of the most important public enemies of the world. To begin, it is good to know what is cholesterol.
It is a vital component for the functioning of the cells when you are at the appropriate levels. It is present not only in people, but also in the majority of human beings. It is, therefore, that the plants also have cholesterol, for example, but to a lesser extent than red meat. Cholesterol helps to form structures and glands. In the brain, between 10 and 20% of its composition is cholesterol and breast milk provides it in good doses. Some of the tasks of cholesterol are:
Stabilize and protect cell membranes.
Protect the structure of the nervous system.
Metabolize food fats and regulate excess cholesterol organic.
Help form sex hormones, such as estrogens.
Provide substances necessary to produce other hormones.
Protect the skin and prevent that from getting dehydrated.
Intervene in the formation of vitamin D.
Improve the immune system.
Protect against kidney damage (primarily to diabetics).
Give elasticity to the red blood cells.
Develop the brain in the newborn.
Preventing malformations in embryos.
As you can see, has many functions and of the most important. Then, what would be the problem of having high cholesterol? As they always say, excesses are bad, even in a substance as beneficial for our body.

2- Some myths about cholesterol:

The seafood is full of cholesterol:

t is not a complete truth. Research indicates that shellfish have enough sterols (including cholesterol), but not as it was believed until some time ago. In addition, the seafood provide us with fatty acids Omega 3 negative cholesterol-lowering. Consuming oysters or clams in a balanced diet and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Cholesterol is a fashion:

While it is true that before people did not know that "existed" cholesterol, it is also true that the problems which are real. The consequences of not controlling cholesterol levels are serious and that is not a trend. What is real is that many are more worried about the issue, doctors suggest their patients make regular blood tests and there are drugs and natural treatments that some years there.

It is good to all cholesterol-lowering:

This is a total lie, as explained before, because cholesterol has many tasks in our body. It must be reduced to normal levels, but not below it, because it is also counterproductive. Having high cholesterol is bad, but that is also low. There are studies indicating that lack of cholesterol brings as a consequence problems like depression or chronic fatigue.

Some foods do not have cholesterol:

Another of the myths that we have talked about before. In all living beings, including animals, plants and bacteria, there are cholesterol, because it is an element that is responsible for many things. There may be species that have fewer than others, it is true, but there is no with zero cholesterol. Another thing that includes increasing cholesterol is the way to cook it. If a piece of fried meat is eaten will not be the same that the iron, to cite just one example.

Nuts increase cholesterol:

This myth is based on the basis that walnuts have a lot of fat. But you have to make an exception, because these fats are "good" for the brain - above all - and for the body in general. So, if you eat a handful of nuts (along with other nuts) you're not providing too many bad fats to your body and, in addition, avoid eating foods that if have them, as in the case of potato chips.

The only cause of the infarction is cholesterol:

Partly Yes, but also there are other factors which can include and increase the chances of suffering from myocardial infarction or heart attack. It is true that too much cholesterol translates into walls of clogged arteries, but that also salt, causes him stress or sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, no blame it all to the cholesterol of what happens in our hearts, even if it is a big part.

It is necessary to consume drugs for lowering cholesterol:

That depends on several factors. For example, some people with a high cholesterol level cannot "expect" to make natural remedies effect. While the homemade recipes are better because they do not contain chemicals, everything is according to the patient. In the case of people with slightly elevated cholesterol, it is not necessary to swallowing pills, but change their power for more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, among others.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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