Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Herbal teas for weight loss

There are different reasons why are recommended following infusions, in general you will serve to lose weight, to ensure the smooth operation of your organs and, in general, for your health care. Then we'll show you some teas that you can prepare at home with ingredients very common and economical so you can lose your weight in a natural way; However, it is important for you to join these infusions along with a balanced diet and a good exercise routine.

Herbal teas for weight loss

1- Artichoke:

This is one of the most recommended infusions to lose weight, since it works as an antioxidant and natural diuretic. Also reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood, lowers blood pressure and, best of all, is that its consumption accelerates metabolism. Regular consumption of artichoke gives a good amount of fiber to the body.
Pulls out a few leaves of Artichoke and throw them to a boil in a liter of water, leave it for a while and drink constantly.

2- Green tea:

I could tell you that this is the King of infusions for slimming, this gives the body antioxidants that help to eliminate fat and toxins. Similarly fighting migraine, strengthens the immune system, prevents the formation of ulcers, anti-cancer, helps concentration and mental health.

3- Valerian:

Valerian is recommended to control stress and anxiety, this is important since being subject to a diet and plenty of exercise, your body is still asking you what consumías above. When you feel this, taking a little infusion of Valerian, she going to control and ease anxiety.

4- Grapefruit:

The infusion of grapefruit also helps you eliminate desire to eat more than recommended, as this will give a feeling of fullness. Part the fruit into four parts and put it boil for a minute; take it before meals.

Herbal teas for weight loss

5- Apple:

Apple has properties depurative and detoxifying, helping to eliminate toxins and bad body fats. It is also good for constipation.
Uses 3 chopped apples, put them to boil in water with cinnamon powder, leaves a time and it is your infusion. Enjoy it!

6- Ground Canadian flaxseed with Aloe Vera:

Flaxseed is rich in fiber, which makes that accelerates the metabolism and remove fat; Aloe in this infusion cleans the colon, eliminating toxins and contaminants that are found in the body.
Put to boil a liter of water in five tablespoons of flaxseed, out of Aloe Vera gel and then mixed with flaxseed when it gets thick. The flavor may not be so good, so add a little lemon juice.

7- Ponytail:

This infusion can also make your body to lower a good size, has great cleansing and diuretic properties. It also serves to combat tonsillitis, swollen tonsils, arthrosis, stones in the bladder, cystitis, depression, low pain, bleeding, hemorrhoids, osteoporosis, rheumatism, sweats on the feet and armpits.

8- Cinnamon:

Cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels, accelerates the metabolism and reduces appetite, this is why we recommend eating your infusion for weight loss.

9- Laurel:

This plant improves your digestion and helps to eliminate toxins. Also, it protects your body from respiratory infections, prevents liver diseases. Also it can be used topically to treat fungus, sunburn, you ulcers and acne.

Herbal teas for weight loss

10- Sage:

In addition to bringing a lot of aromatic properties, the SAP can help you get a flat belly, also reduces stomach inflammation, is purifying, and has antioxidant properties.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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