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How to know if I need more sleep?

Insurance have you read (and more than once) that each person is a world, and therefore we are not equal to the rest in our habits, diets, lifestyle, among many things more. You've also heard or read that each depends on the number of hours you need to sleep to be really rested and recharged batteries. Then, how know if I need to sleep more, or if you have already met the number of hours stipulated according to my age, sex, or daily activities? Find out about all this in this article.

How to know if I need more sleep?

1- Signs that you are not sleeping enough:

Sleep more (or better) can be the difference between having a wonderful day or one for oblivion, between feeling good humor or as a thunder storm, comply with all our activities or leave several earrings... and much more. Something as simple and essential as sleep can change us completely. Sometimes not we realize that missing us hours of rest and why we get sick, we feel bad, we lack the forces.
Pay attention to the signals that gives you the body, never fail. Perhaps you are suffering from insomnia or some kind of disorder related to sleep and have not given you account. It is good to know if your dream is really good, or if the number of hours that you rest enough. To find out, it is important to recognize the symptoms that help you to indicate if you should sleep more or not:

You are hungry all the time:

And are not talking about a special moment of the month in the case of women, nor when attack us anxiety or desire to eat something sweet. But it seems that no matter what you consume, our stomach is always empty. This may be due to missing you sleep a little, since sleep is responsible for balancing hormones, especially serotonin and dopamine, which change quite when we rested.
Those who sleep little increase its production of ghrelin, a neurotransmitter that alerts you to the brain that it is time to eat. In addition, if you stay up late at night, it is more likely that you're hungry or you open the fridge. The body will ask carbohydrates to stay on alert (because they do not understand that it is time to go to bed).

You can not concentrate:

Nutrition is vital to memory and intelligence, but sleep is also very important so that we can focus, learn, remember, pay attention, among other tasks. It seeks to understand what tells you your boss a Monday morning with Pillow attached to the face. Sure that you can do. On the other hand, if you sleep enough, you can not only attention but also remember, work on the subject and offer good ideas.
During sleep, our brain uses to rebuild long-term memory. Why is that students should sleep after studying and not stay awake all night. To have the exam in front, you think that you know nothing even if you've studied, it may be due to has missed you sleep.

How to know if I need more sleep?

You sick often:

The rest is related to the immune system. If you suffer from flu, colds, sore throats and colds every month or feel that you never heal completely of a pathology of this kind (viral or bacterial), can that they are missing hours of sleep. The body, while we sleep, produces more barriers that protect us from diseases. So, since the rest have invigorating effects. For this reason, when you have a fever or feel ill, likely wanting sleep several hours at a time. If your body lacks hours of sleep, you will have less energy, more cold and low pressure. It strengthens your defenses sleeping each night and consuming more amount of vitamins.

You can not take decisions:

Many believe that this problem is due to a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence and true, but also, as the traditional Chinese medicine, liver living spirits who allow us to be creative and enlightened, i.e., to help us make decisions. During the day are noticeable in the eyes and in the evening, stroll through our dreams. If we mistreat the liver drinking alcohol or very fatty foods, it is difficult to sleep as it is, therefore, the spirits may not work correctly. We will slowly lose the ability to analyze situations and think with a cool head. Beyond the metaphor or the legend, the truth is that if we are not awake enough, we can not make good decisions.

Everything gets wrong:

Again, do not blame female hormones or overwork. Lack of sleep puts us in a bad mood. For something it will be the morning there are more people with long faces than happy in the means of transport or the offices, beyond that they prefer to stay at home to work. Several studies claim that don't sleep well brings emotional problems such as depression, irritability, mood swings, etc. Think of what happens with babies or small children. When they sleep, they don't stop crying and are unbearable. If you are going through days that you fights with everyone, you are the problem. Therefore, sleeping more and see how your mood improves.

How to know if I need more sleep?

You have intimate problems:

Lack of sleep brings as consequence a decrease in libido or sex drive. But also, it can cause dysfunctions in men. If you notice changes in the frequency with which you maintain relationships with your partner, if there is nothing that makes you think of a night of pleasure and there is no aphrodisiac that dispense effect, you should perhaps sleep a little more.
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