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7 small changes that help you lose weight

Did you know that eating food fruit fattening? Or that it is best not to mix too much food at a meal? What protein helps to reduce the waist? That what we eat from the evening grow more? Healthy fats or not fat just like those that are not?
You will learn 7 tips that will surprise you because they are small changes you can make to help you lose weight effortlessly changing some habits, without suffering or unnecessary sacrifices.

7 small changes that help you lose weight

1- The fruit out meals!

The fruit is excellent and much needed in our diet. Two or three pieces of fresh fruit and seasonal we should consume each day, since it gives us vitamins, minerals and fiber. But for its content of acids and sugars, and its rapid digestion, if we take dessert it will worsen our digestive system, causing fermentation that can cause gas, and in addition, to the not be assimilated properly, not fatten. Instead, if we eat it morning or middle late effect is quite the opposite, since the fruit is very satiating and helps us to avoid that we slice less healthy foods. The only exceptions we can do in the food are apples and pears, which are considered neutral fruit.

2- You eat simple without too much mix:

Everyone can make exceptions when we have guests or eat out, but every day should be in us more prepare simple dishes where there are some vegetable, a grain or starch and some protein. With that, we have a full and balanced menu and provide a positive absorption of nutrients. How then do a menu?
Vegetable: salad, vegetable, gazpacho, cream, soup, Apple or pear
Grain or starch: rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, etc.
Protein: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts or vegetable protein

3- Protein slimming:

Today is much abused carbohydrates, such as sandwiches, pasta, pizza, pastries, etc. Carbohydrates give us energy for all day, but if we abuse and does not use that energy will be transformed into reserves, i.e. that we fatten. On the other hand, at the other end have diets high in protein that are not healthy, because although one thins fast, can overload the kidneys and liver and also effect I - I. Therefore we recommend to include a good amount of protein, but sparingly. That at each meal has little protein. Not only will burn more calories if not that we'll also see how our waist is reduced.

7 small changes that help you lose weight

4- Fiber reduces swelling:

Fiber is essential for good bowel function, since if these organs do not work correctly due to constipation, diarrhea or other problems, the belly becomes inflamed. Therefore we will consume daily carbohydrates and foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, preferably always comprehensive. We also drink more water between meals to help eliminate good fiber.

5- From the evening... don't eat almost nothing:

Each country has its schedules, and the winter than the summer is not the same, but the truth is that what you eat in the afternoon and in the evening we tend not to burn it already, and we therefore fattening, hinders us sleep and the rest of the liver. The evening will choose for infusions, creams of vegetables, soups, salads, little sweet fruits, some protein, etc.

6- Not all fats are the same:

Did you know that non-fattening like a bun than an avocado? We must not confine ourselves to count calories, if not we must keep in mind that healthy fats are essential for our body, which uses them to nourish bodies, moisturize the skin and mucous membranes, etc. On the other hand, the harmful does not provide many nutrients and are harmful, so the body considers them "reservations". Choose healthy fats such as nuts, vegetable oils quality, fish or egg, and avoid hydrogenated fats, fried foods, cured meats, etc.

7 small changes that help you lose weight

7- Learn how to eat:

Gain or lose weight depends not only on the calories that we eat, if not in the way as we eat:

Chew food well
Don't eat standing up or in a hurry
Rest at least 10 minutes prior to the routine
Do not drink too much in the food
Do not eat large amounts of blow
Enjoy the food but you not obsessions you with it
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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