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Swollen spleen: symptoms and treatment

The spleen is an important organ for our lymphatic system. Their basic functions are the protect us against diseases, filtering blood and debug germs. Important dimensions, we must bear in mind. However, there are occasions in which the spleen can get sick.
One of the most common alterations is inflammation. And we must be careful because sometimes an inflamed spleen is the result of other underlying diseases. We encourage you to learn about your symptoms.

1- Symptoms of an inflamed spleen:

Swollen spleen: symptoms and treatment

1. Anemia:

The spleen, as I've commented above, is intended to purify our blood. The clean is, so to speak, one more piece of our lymphatic system that takes care of that our Red and white cells are strong. Healthy. In full condition to perform its essential function.
If the spleen is inflamed, debugging is not carried out in optimal way, whereupon it is quite possible that there is an alteration in our red blood cells, a deficit which causes anemia. Whenever they diagnose you anemia, it is important to know what is the origin of it.

2. Fatigue:

Little by little the encouragement we need when we make some effort: to walk, to load weight...
It is very difficult getting up in the morning.
Keep in mind that, to suffer from anemia, fatigue is always related to the lack of red blood cells.
Fatigue will get worse day after day, until you reach exhaustion. You try to seek medical advice before and not to reach this end.

Swollen spleen: symptoms and treatment

3. Acute pain:

Pain is a direct and inevitable symptom of an inflamed spleen that is easy to identify: focuses on the upper left part of the abdomen. Sometimes, this pain can climb back to the left shoulder.
Thus, the discomfort always focus on the left side and are very painful. In fact, it is possible that even cost you breathe. It is something that we will help you identify it and that will facilitate our doctor make a prognosis.

4. Lack of appetite:

It is very indicative symptoms. We lose appetite because we have the feeling of satiety. Just eat very little to feel very full.
The cause is an inflamed spleen. To be more large than normal press the stomach and gives us the false sense that we are full.
It is very common that, little by little, and as a result, go to losing weight. And be careful with this, because we will also weaken global.

5. Wounds which bleed more:

Strange but true. The reason? Swollen spleen accumulates inside more red and white cells and prevents reaching our body properly.
As we have pointed out, the lack of red blood cells derived in anemia and, at the same time, the absence of white blood cells makes us less platelets. Thus, before an injury, you will notice that comes out more blood than normal. I.e., they are not those small agents that plug the wound, which contain and cure.

Swollen spleen: symptoms and treatment

2- How is an inflamed spleen?

An inflamed spleen can lead to a chronic infection. The doctors will appreciate what is what has caused the inflammation and what treatment we must follow. Long-term infection can become so dangerous that doctors opt to remove it.
Then follow guidelines that you prescribe. Meanwhile, at home, you may consider the following tips:
Infusion of nettles: the infusion of nettles is a very classic medicinal remedy to treat inflamed spleen. It has healing and anti-inflammatory properties that help us to reduce many infections. So, it is necessary that you take it 3 times a day: half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will be you.
Soft diet of fruits, soups and vegetables: artichokes or celery soups are very good, as well as the resulting water from cooking an onion, along with a tablespoon of olive oil.
Apple tree tea: is one of the most effective natural treatments. You'll find tea ready in specialized natural stores. The Apple tree tea is used to clean the lymphatic system and thus decrease the inflammation of the spleen. To benefit from it is as easy as heating a cup of water, allow it to reach a boil and put in it the infusion bag. Once has rested, taking it slowly, trying to, that Yes, that is not very hot. Take it in your breakfast and before you go to bed. It shall be to you very well.
Apple oat Smoothie: since when we suffer from swollen spleen we lose appetite, properly obtain nutrients and, incidentally, to strengthen this body, is to prepare a good oatmeal with Apple smoothie. It is nutritious and will serve as tonic.
Natural cranberry juice: blueberries act as excellent cleaners of the lymphatic system. They are also well-suited to strengthen and reduce inflammation of the spleen. If you have the opportunity to purchase them, please do not hesitate to prepare richly blending nature with a glass of water. It is very medicinal.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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