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Tips to lose weight walking

All know the cardiovascular walking daily benefits. Improve our breathing, muscle tone, and also carried out in the appropriate manner, walking can help us lose weight. This healthy exercise, we can get to burn a very adequate calories to go to modeling our silhouette. You will learn how!

Tips to lose weight walking

Tips for walking and lose weight at the same time:

For many people the idea of walking and burn fats do not always go hand in hand. But it is not quite true: any physical activity that is constant and that is performed in the right way, will allow us to convert the carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy and not fat reserve. Thus, if we take a proper and balanced diet, we will achieve that too much burn easily. It is worthwhile, not so? Then take note.

1. Take conscience:

First of all we must convince us that from now on, we are going to devote an hour a day to walk. Therefore, you have to comply with it and we find that small instant of time throughout the day. A technique for auto - raise awareness is to buy clothing and footwear. Comfortable pants, a shirt that do not tighten us sneakers that hold us well foot and that will allow us to go on any surface... If we convince some more friend or our partner, then convert the exercise of walking into a healthy routine in each of our days. So, the first thing is to raise awareness.

2. Set times and rhythms:

It is recommended start exercise walk first in two phases from half an hour to not overcharge us. Half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon. Once you habitues you - for example after a week - whether you can make the time followed.
Please note that when we say "walk" we are not talking about brisk walking light, just as we do when we go to buy, for example. You must bring a pace. And the pace to lose weight walking is about 7 km/h, i.e., we go to pass fast. To give you a rough idea, it would be more or less than walk a kilometre and a half in 10 or 15 minutes, no longer.
It is not difficult nor excessive, we assure you. But it is essential that you do this effort so that our bodies can get to burn fat, and so our heart, once you arrive to work at 60% and 70% of your heart rate, force our body to rely on their reserves to get the necessary energy, thus increasing the basal metabolic rate. So, you know, a kilometre every 15 minutes.

Tips to lose weight walking

3. How to make our walks to lose weight, appropriate positions:

We must not much lengthened our strides. If we force our movements, we run the risk of suffering an injury. Your strides should be normal. The most frequent error for quickening the pace is lengthening in unnatural way. Try to find a comfortable passage, you never stretch the legs.
The shoulders should be relaxed and straight chest. If your head is too balanced and you feel a slight stretch on the front of your legs, this means that your strides are very long and are walking in a forced manner. You should feel comfortable, that not hurt you anything.
The steps must be fast, but never by lengthening your strides. It starts at normal pace, and after five minutes sees raising the frequency of your steps
Take a look while you're walking in how you move your hips. It should be a natural, but continuous movement that does not hurt you or disturb you. Your pelvis and your hips gain mobility when riding.
Your feet should be touching the ground in a correct way: the heel should touch the ground first, and fingers are that give impulse. In this way we avoid injury and pain.
Your head should be in normal position, or raised, or lowered. You're not watching your steps, for example, or you will end up dizzy you or suffering some kind of discomfort. The gist is that your walk as comfortable as possible while maintaining a suitable passage.
Shoulders should maintain loose and relaxed at all times. Balancing them with ease.
Let's look now at our torso. You must stay straight, remember to put the navel inwards, thus our back is straight with loose hips.
Arms should be bent to 90 °, it is they who give us momentum to walk. While you walk, see balancing them without leaving us for any part of the body. Remember also not to close their fists.

Tips to lose weight walking

4. Proper breathing to walk:

Breathing should be abdominal. Remember that walking is an aerobic exercise: our blood brings oxygen to the organs and muscles working, and thanks to this fuel can burn fat and convert it into energy. Thus, it is necessary to make a deep abdominal breathing. Catching air and inflating the abdomen, then releasing the air through your mouth. It is very easy.
As you can see, it is not so complicated. You try to do with desire, while having fun. It is a healthy exercise that everyone should practice every day. From our space we encourage you to do so, the results on the scale are beginning to note at the end of the month and a half. The pounds you lose always depend on your own metabolism, of all modes reminds a suitable and balanced diet.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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