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Diet for reducing inflammations

Us why a diet against inflammations? Basically to enjoy a better quality of life and also to control our weight. High nutrition in processed foods, for example leads to many diseases that we must avoid. We explain what you then.

Diet for reducing inflammations

1- The importance of a diet against inflammations:

Why are inflammations in our body? We are sure that you had them on more than one occasion. All have experienced those days when we woke up swollen and inflamed, an indefinable unease that makes us feel very tired and slow. We must take into account for example that eat many carbohydrates or lots of sugar, makes that you release more insulin than usual. A portion will go the muscles to store it, which is good if we exercise that strengthen our muscles. But if there is too much then remains in blood as a toxic inflaming us besides in the form of fat
Inflammation is a mechanism of natural defense which aims to protect us from toxic substances. Sometimes is due to a virus, that excess insulin, to foreign substances, strokes, infections, viruses, etc. But eye, even if it is a defense mechanism is not a good thing, on the contrary. Sometimes the inflammation is chronic and attacks healthy tissues, as the case of diabetes is type 1, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. It is worth to avoid it.

2- Diet to prevent inflammations:

The doctors tell us that we are women who are generally more likely to suffer inflammation. There are foods we feel worse and which are synthesized in our body of differently from men. So it is worth to note, since long-term inflammation accelerates aging, favoring realities that we all want to avoid, such as obesity, hypotension, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, heart disease... keep that in mind! So we took notes of the following foods?

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids:

According to the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are ideal to reduce inflammations. The idea is to stabilize the blood sugar nurturing foods with Glycemic low, healthy fats that allow us to have a proper balance. One of the biggest mistakes we make sometimes is eating too much fat omega-6, which produces compounds type hormones called Eicosanoids, which cause chronic inflammation. Then do omega-3-rich foods we can consume?
Blue fish
Chia seeds
Pumpkin seeds.

Diet for reducing inflammations


The dietitians recommend us first and foremost a fruit: grapefruit or grapefruit. It is simply wonderful. But also the oranges, lemons, kiwis, mangoes will be us very well... Although that Yes, prevents are very mature because then there will be something of sugar and is not suitable. But why help us citrus in the case of inflammation? Basically because contain high-dose vitamin C, vitamin E and flavonoids ideal to reduce the inflammation of the tissues. The doctors tell us to consume daily a grapefruit for example, will be to reduce the levels of C-reactive protein, a basic indicator that originates the dreaded swelling.

Always appropriate tomato juices:

Do you like tomatoes? Then do not hesitate, prepare delicious salads with them. The tomato is rich in lycopene, and as you know it is a great antioxidant that fills us with a treasure of benefits. The tomato is a valuable source of minerals and vitamins, in particular A and C, great to take care of our digestive system, to disinfect and purify our body. It is worth also taking into account, a research recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition, telling us that it is advisable to take every day a glass of tomato juice a day for 12 days a month. The Council is worth the penalty segur.

Large leafy vegetables:

Do you know what big leafy vegetables? Spinach and broccoli, are the most healthy and beneficial. They are rich in vitamin K and this element is essential to reduce inflammations. Please note that vitamin K tends to be very present in our colon, so if we raise their level in our body we will strengthen and better purge our body by eliminating those toxins that inflame us.

Diet for reducing inflammations

The benefits of black rice:

Have you ever tried black rice? It is very healthy and beneficial. It's a variety of cereal that reduces inflammation associated with allergies or asthma, especially because it limits the release of histamine by 30%. The study appeared in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. And also have to take into account that it is one of the richest in antioxidants and minerals grains that exists, Super to regulate our weight, take care of our heart, prevent diabetes and provide us mucha-mucha energy.
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