Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tips against diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is generated by the minimal production of insulin, the hormone needed to control blood sugar levels and which is responsible for driving the glucose to cells to create the energy for the functioning of the body.
The most common symptoms of diabetes are:

Unusual hunger.
Excessive thirst.
It increases the frequency of urination.
Excessive weight loss.
Sudden mood swings.
Feeling of discomfort in the stomach.
Frequent infections.
Delay for wound healing.
Cuts or scratches.
Itching and numbness of the extremities.
To avoid that the level of diabetes progress is necessary to choose foods with low fat content, but rich in nutrients such as cereals, dry rice, whole-grain breads, vegetables, fruits and products low-fat dairy. These foods provide the nutrients needed to prevent diabetes from type 2.

Tips against diabetes

1- Recommendations to take into account:

Avoid considerably the consumption of fast foods and foods high in sugar, since eating these foods increase the deteriorating health and weight affecting the progress of diabetes.
On the other hand, one of the most effective ways to prevent the progress of diabetes is to stay active, thus reducing or eliminating the sedentary lifestyle; walk for 40 minutes a day, avoid elevators and make use of stairs are activities that can gradually ensure a longer lasting well-being.
The most important in the case of diabetes is to regulate weight, consuming the calories required by the body for proper functioning, providing the nutrients essential for healthy development, but avoiding fats and excess food that increases the weight at high speed, since this can impair the welfare both of persons suffering from diabetes as those who do not , since we know that being overweight is a negative factor in the health of the people.
In addition, we recommend not to eat pork more than twice a week, so it can switch their diet on meat with egg and fish, foods that provide fat healthy for your body.
Fruits and vegetables can be eaten without any restriction (as long as it is not excessive consumption), which are beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes or are diabetic in power because of its nutritional benefits, regulating the functions of the body for a healthy life, since these foods not only provide benefits for the treatment of this disease but for a number of disorders that attack the body.

Tips against diabetes

2- Remember:

People with diabetes should change their habits and generating practices that increase their well-being, so that you must establish certain hours to eat, ruling thus aspects of food intake schedule, this allows maintaining weight and controlling glucose and its processes, since the disorder to eating, disorders also the functioning of the body.
More suitable for people with diabetes is the frequent consumption of water, this fluid improves the circulation of the blood avoiding any condition thereto by reason of the excessive or minimum glucose amount, as the case may be.
It is important, moreover, to reduce the intake of caffeine, because although it contains antioxidants not it must be consumed in excess by people with problems of diabetes, since this substance has a hormone-altering glucose levels, unbalancing their presence in the body.
Finally, it is essential to create awareness in people of the disease being treated, so that their habits are modified for your benefit. On the other hand, recommended relaxation, meditation and especially at bedtime, control by setting a few hours to rest and recover energy, allowing to get the body to a good sleep, providing with this health and wellness.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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