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Benefits of dance with your child

One of the easiest ways to exercise with your kids is to cheerful music and begin to dance with them. It is proven that dancing is an activity that helps to control the mind and body problems as stress, anxiety, sadness and many other negative symptoms that can occur in everyday life. But in addition to help on the emotional level, dance is one of the most profitable forms of exercise without falling into sports routines that tend to be quite boring.
When we promote dance in our children, we are teaching them a good habit that will cause them to develop skills in the future, but we are also providing many benefits to your health. Sharing dance with children is a good activity that encourages both parents and children. Want more reasons to dance with your child?

Benefits of dance with your child

1- It improves flexibility and your health:

One of the biggest benefits that has dancing for children is that it improves your health and prevents them from different disorders. The dance involves a constant movement that helps improve the flexibility of your body and also a great way to prevent problems such as overweight and obesity. Dance with your kids is a great way to both lose weight and motivate to improve their eating habits.

2- It develops its physical abilities:

When the dance is practiced frequently with children, they improve their movement skills, have better physical condition and practice coordinated, and repetitive steps is something that stimulates psycho motor development.

3- It elevates the self-esteem:

The dance is one of the best ways to raise the self-esteem of children, since through it we can highlight your qualities and give them a positive image on your body. Studies show that dance can help children to recover from a significant emotional problem such as loss of a pet or a loved one.

Benefits of dance with your child

4- It is more sociable children:

When we dance with our children improve their self-esteem and self-confidence to interact with other people. Dancing is a great way to integrate our children with other children, so that improve your ability to communicate and learn about respect for themselves and for others.

5- It improves their intellectual abilities:

When we encourage in our children dancing from an early age, the child reinforces its self-confidence in its creative capacity and this allows you to develop any kind of talent already are related to dance or other discipline.
The dance is an amazing way to encourage creativity in children, as well as help them to be more structured, focused and focused on things, as to assimilate the dance steps, his brain shape structures, which, with the passage of time, will be of great help for your everyday life and school activities.

6- It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise:

The dance is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that we can do, because in addition to fun a good time also it will help to burn calories. This great benefit is obviously both for children and for the larger ones.
Often dance for more than half an hour is ideal for maintaining a healthy weight, strengthen muscles, improve elasticity, prevent heart disease, improve circulation, among others.

7- It produces happiness:

Dance with children allows them to feel more cheerful, since this activity allows to be released the energy accumulated during the day. If you devote at least half an hour a day for dancing with your child, you will find this a great way to share together and feel a sense of well-being at home.

Benefits of dance with your child

8- Remember!

Motivate your kids to exercise and have fun through dance is a way of contributing to their health and well-being. It is very important to do this activity as something fun, since in this way children will see it as a form of play and want to practice it more often.
Although the dance is a great encouragement for children, it must not fall into the mistake of submitting them to practice this discipline if they don't want to. Nor should control their weight or body condition to practice some sort of dance, since this can lead to negative consequences to physical and mental level of the small. The dance should be a stimulating and relaxing activity, should never be out of obligation.
Finally remember that your words of encouragement and motivation play a very important role in the development of their skills in this discipline. No matter how many times your child will feel that it does poorly, importantly, encourage them and teach them to do it right so you can enjoy the most of this activity and discover all the benefits.
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