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How to relieve Fasciitis plantar

The sole of the foot has a thick layer that protects from the heel to the start of the fingers, this is called the plantar fascia and has as main function to cushion the impact that occurs when walking, jogging, running, or perform any other activity that requires rest your feet strongly and consecutively on a surface. Exceed the use or effort of the feet, you can generate an inflammation or stretching of the fascia, syndrome called Fasciitis plantar.

How to relieve Fasciitis plantar

1- Plantar Fasciitis symptoms:

The symptoms that reveal the presence of this disease are:
Pain in the sole of the foot or the heel, which sometimes can climb at a very strong level. This can occur throughout the day and can get a bit or diminish with rest.
Sometimes the Fasciitis pain may extend to fingers toes.
Swelling, redness in the area of the heel and sensitivity can be perceived to exert pressure on the affected area.
Fasciitis plant can generate difficulty in carrying out various activities based mainly on the use of the foot, preventing the completion of essential tasks during the day.
Tips to relieve Fasciitis plantar

2- Tips to relieve Fasciitis plantar:

The remedies most recognized for treating this condition, include the application of ice on the directly affected area. This should be left for 15 minutes and the result will show on the reduction of inflammation and pain; If the case of Fasciitis plantar is very advanced, it is recommended to do this treatment for 5 or 6 times a day.
This disease or condition is noted for presenting greater pain in the early hours of the day, therefore it is recommended to perform massages in the soles of the feet leaning of the thumb, thus is conducive to relaxation in this part of the body, avoiding severe pain of the same. You can also use a cylinder to perform massages in the sole of the foot, generating a feeling of rest, freeing it from any painful symptoms.
On the other hand, to ensure a durable recovery or prevent the presence of Fasciitis plantar, you are recommended footwear governed by a shoe that covers the foot, which hold it completely and have a specialized sole, with the thickness and material intended to protect the heel and the sole of the foot of any sudden impact against any surface. If necessary, the use of Orthopedic insoles is recommended to decrease the tension of the foot.

3- Recommendations to prevent disease:

However, there are recommendations essential to avoid suffering from this disease or reduce the risk of reaching a higher level in their symptoms:
Avoid being overweight, since this undergo greater pressure foot
Prevent - where possible - remain a long time standing or walking barefoot or with shoes that have a very thin sole and which do not provide adequate protection of the sole of the foot.
Physical activity you should alternate exercises that require effort on his feet with activities that allow the relaxation of the same
When performing activities such as running, jumping, or jogging, it is recommended to modify cement or extremely hard surfaces for comfort as the Meadow areas, allowing better cushioning of the impact on the soles of the feet.

How to relieve Fasciitis plantar

4- Don't forget it:

They are various causes of this syndrome, but there are ways to treat it and prevent it. The feet are indispensable at the time of any activity during the day, from work to family, therefore is one of the main factors that affect well-being, since through the legs are different activities that guarantee a controlled weight, thus avoiding diseases caused by overweight or lack of physical activity that regulates the various systems of the body , especially the circulatory system.
Finally, please give a good treatment to the extremities, ensuring this good performance and correct answer of each impulse sent by the brain, preventing excessive wear of these and thereby the activities required at each moment of life. It is our duty to preserve the well-being of each of the systems and organs of our body, to be able to demonstrate a healthy lifestyle, reflecting the correct habits adopted every day in every action.
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