Sunday, August 9, 2015

Home remedies and tips for debugging the liver

The liver is the body to transform food into energy, eliminate alcohol we eat and detoxify the blood. It also meets the essential function of producing bile, a liquid that helps with digestion. There are many diseases that affect the liver, mainly cirrhosis, which is the disease resulting from excessive intake of alcohol.
On the other hand, there are infections that can also cause diseases that affect this organ. Such is the case of hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The main symptom that the liver presents any condition is yellow skin tone.
The liver can easily announce need cleaning to properly fulfill their duties. Alert messages can send include abdominal heaviness by eating any food, nausea, malaise, poor appetite, damage stomach or diarrhea, fever, gas, in the area of the liver or abdominal pain, headache and bad breath.
There are some foods that help to clean the liver so that it properly meets their functions.

Home remedies and tips for debugging the liver

1- Garlic:

It is a food that stimulates the activation of enzymes that help eliminate toxins and keeps the liver clean and healthy. The ideal is to eat it raw, for thus exploit 100% of its properties. It can be added to salads or other recipes. Keep in mind that the cooked garlic can lose up to 90% of its properties.

2- Olive oil:

Other foods that can be included in the diet and that help to purify the liver naturally is olive oil. It contains substances that are responsible for absorbing the toxins present in the body.
To start eating healthier, you can replace the daily oil you use in the kitchen and use of olive a few times a week. From its first use, the liver will begin to restructure its operation.

3- Citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables:

Foods such as citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables may also be used. Both have cleansing qualities and antioxidants that help eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body and thus favour the performance and the health of organs such as the liver
Ideally, increase the consumption of citrus fruits, such as the lemon and orange, and also to eat more green vegetables such as spinach, celery and lettuce, among others. You can also choose to combine citrus fruits and vegetables in a green smoothie.

Home remedies and tips for debugging the liver

4- Other tips for debugging the liver:

Besides mentioned food, it is essential to follow a series of healthy tips to improve the State of the liver and its functions.
First must improve eating habits: increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially the lemon. It is also good that you increase the intake of water and start to be more physically active.
Another option to clean the liver is to eat a daily for one week beetroot juice, because it stimulates their functions and facilitates cleaning. To do this simply blending fresh beets in water and drink your juice, preferably on an empty stomach. During this treatment you should avoid the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, foods with a high fat, sugar or flour.
It is essential to know the habits that are harmful to the liver and thus avoid them or minimize them. We must also know the conditions that improve the State of our liver, as new eating habits that promote their well-being, the health of our body and good digestion. We must remember that the State of the body is a reflection of both physical and nutritional habits. As they say: "You are what you eat". A good diet regulates and controls the body and creates a good external and internal appearance.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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