Sunday, August 9, 2015

Home bath to treat and prevent fungal foot

Do you often suffer from fungal foot? Do you frequent gyms and feel obliged to make use of the public showers? Don't worry, we teach you this simple remedy that can serve you a great help. Take note!

Home bath to treat and prevent fungal foot

1- Home bath to prevent the fungus on the feet:

But why do fungi in feet? Basically for several reasons: humidity, wear the shoes for a long time can cause the appearance of fungi. If you are forced to have to carry for a long time very closed footwear, it is best that you get, for example, talcum powder or spray foot powder
It must also take account of a fact that we cannot ignore: swimming pools, public showers... are a real breeding ground. Be careful also with showers or bathtubs of some hotels. What can we do then? Do not shower you barefoot and a footwear of rubber that we insulate the soil and fungi. It's worth the time.
As a final precaution, also recalls the following: when you take off the shoes allows that they ventilation to the open air. It is very healthy and avoid more risks, costs nothing.

Home bath to treat and prevent fungal foot

2- What do I need to make my home Discloses foot bath?:

A cup of white vinegar. And why white vinegar? Because it is ideal and one of the most effective elements to treat the annoying athlete's foot, blister and any type of skin infection. Do not hesitate, have always at hand white vinegar, it is easy to find in any store.
3 drops of tea tree oil. It is also one of the best disinfectant and antibiotic and anti-fungal natural. With it we can do so much gel to disinfect hands as treatments for skin infections and fungus on the feet. You can find it in natural stores and even perfume.
3 drops of garlic oil. As you know the garlic is one of the best antibacterial and anti fungal natural that exists. It is simply magnificent.
The juice of half a lemon: this fruit is very suitable to treat fungus, is a good depuration widely used for skin problems.
Sodium bicarbonate. Two teaspoons dissolved in water. It will act as a great antibacterial able to treat this type of ailment
A basin where you can enter the feet, full of warm water.

Home bath to treat and prevent fungal foot

3- How do I prepare my bath for feet?:

the first thing we will do is to wash our feet with SOAP and water. Better a neutral SOAP, the oats tend to be very suitable for such conditions. You are looking for in the first place is that our feet are clean, then introduced them in our basin in which we have put all the elements.
Once you have your feet clean, put all the elements previously referenced in the basin. The water should be lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. It dissolves all oils, juice of half a lemon and two tablespoons of baking soda. Once you have it, dropped at her feet. You must be 20 minutes. You do not to sting, on the contrary, you will feel a pleasant relief.
once passed the 20 minutes, carefully dry your feet, which is not any damp corner. It is very important. It would be perfect for you repeat this bathroom about 3 times a week. In this way we prevent and also try to annoying fungus on the feet. We put it into practice?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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