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How to relieve the symptoms of tendonitis

Tendinitis is a disease involving inflammation of the tendons. It occurs primarily in the tendons of the heels and the biceps, increasing the volume of the tendon and inflaming the skin of the affected area.
A major cause of this disease are repetitive movements that do not have good posture, pressure of footwear may also be an incident factor in the production of inflammation of the tendon; but on the other hand, sprains and injuries by wrong activities are also because of tendinitis in the medium and long term.

How to relieve the symptoms of tendonitis

1-Knowing the tendinitis:

The primary manifestation of this condition of the tendon is pain in the area when pressure or movement, although the difficulty is also notorious for performing any movement with the joint.
The best way to relieve symptoms caused by tendinitis is rest or immobilization of the area which has the highest incidence, this is done through splints; It is also recommended to change shoes if the problem in Achilles (located in the heel) is denoted.
To suffer a disease as tendinitis is looking for - mainly - work with a treatment that reduces pain and inflammation, in very advanced cases are recommended anti-inflammatory applied (topical), such as gels or creams on the direct surface in which the inflamed tendon is locate.
He is also recommended to minimize movement in the affected area and apply heat or cold directly to reduce the pain. It should take into account that the progressive tendinitis can stunt the tendon creating irreparable damage, but for people who suffer from this disease, there are also different ways to relieve pain and symptoms in a natural way.

2-Recommendations to mitigate the pain:

The first thing that is recommended in a case of tendinitis is to change the habits of physical activity, refrain from sports and great demand for the injured area; on the other hand, these activities can be replaced by one of relaxation, such as yoga, which can help reduce the pain and avoid sedentary while rest areas.
On the other hand, to reduce pain and inflammation, as we have mentioned previously, is primordial heat or localized cold, which can be practiced for 20 minutes. It is important to apply heat or cold to the injured area and then remove for another 20 minutes. Also the action to eliminate the pain must be repeated, this can be done using a bag of ice or a compress.
It is also recommended to consume fish oil supplements or increase the presence of this in the daily diet, to increase the presence of Omega 3 and natural anti-inflammatory that works in a way in the body positive to suffer from tendinitis, allowing to eliminate swelling of the affected area.
To suffer from this disease the most recommended is the rest, whereas a break of 8 hours every night, to accelerate the recovery of the tendon.

How to relieve the symptoms of tendonitis

3-Natural recipes for tendonitis:

To treat tendinitis also known natural recipes based on plants that have anti-inflammatory and relaxing the muscle area properties that allow you to relieve pain. These plants include

Willow, which offer properties that help to overcome tendinitis characteristics similar to aspirin. Prepare a syrup from two grams of dry bark of this plant in a glass of water and drink two or three times per day is recommended. It is recommended to not eating for long periods, since it may irritate the digestive system.
Echinacea is a plant with a powerful anti-inflammatory, it is recommended to consume it in an infusion conformed by a spoon of this dry plant in a cup with water. Take one or two cups a day.
Finally, it is essential to include in the diet foods rich in magnesium and silicon, which allows the seal of injured ligaments caused by tendinitis. Lettuce, parsley, asparagus, spinach and nuts are recommended.
This is a disease that can be avoided, to reduce activities that require much effort, to improve the diet and practicing relaxing exercises to allow the rest of the muscles and tendons. Tendinitis can be a nightmare to preventable and treatable if you are aware of your health.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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