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How to improve circulation

There are various factors that can affect the circulation in the body, especially in the extremities, generating this discomfort with walking, pain and various symptoms that prevent a correct realization of every day; but diseases or irregularities in our system as this can prevent, control or relieve to practice different habits and indications.
Note that the important thing is to recognize the activities or practices that can fix any signs of poor circulation of blood, for this there are various recommendations and natural recipes that allow balance in the body. However, before coming to these recommendations, it is essential to know the symptoms that may be evident sign of poor circulation. These may be:

Low temperature in extremities.
Prickling or tingling in the areas in which occurs this malfunction of the body.
Evidenced numbness in arms and legs.
Purple legs.
Difficult to heal wounds.
Pain and cramps.
Weak nails.
Appearance of varicose veins.
Loss of sensitivity and strength in the extremities.
Difficulty walking and dizziness when you stand up.

How to improve circulation

1-How to improve circulation?:

The recommendations necessary to ensure proper circulation in the body include:

Practice frequent physical activity, allowing this movement muscles and, therefore, a good blood circulation.
Practice drainage lymphatic manual if it is required in extreme cases, this activity removed excess liquids improving natural circulation.
Wear comfortable clothing, avoiding tight outfits and, in addition, to reduce the use of heeled shoes.
Modify some of the bad habits that we may have. Recommended smoking less (or failing that, do not smoke) and not drink alcohol frequently.
Increase physical activity that requires movement on arms and legs.
Include in your diet foods rich in potassium, such as cereals and nuts, also food that are a rich source of fiber, avoiding excessive meat consumption, since the fat it contains is not very positive in their contributions to a good circulation.
Frequently consuming foods rich in vitamin C, since they will activate the circulation; This vitamin-rich foods are mainly citrus fruits such as: lemon, Orange, grapefruit, kiwi and other fruits such as guava, strawberry and melon. It is also recommended the consumption of foods rich in vitamin E, which can be found in leafy greens such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, among others.

How to improve circulation

2- Additional recommendations:

When you want to preserve or get a good blood circulation, it is very important to reduce the consumption of salt or sodium, since these increase the absorption of liquids turning blood into a substance more thick and difficult to drive through the veins and arteries.
For good circulation, it is advisable to eat in food products such as chili or chili sauce, since it strengthens the veins and arteries and boosts circulation giving welfare to the body; You can also add to the various recipes that prepare a bit of ginger, since this gives properties to help the digestive system to absorb nutrients and oxygen, giving them pass these to give its contribution to the oxygenation of the blood.
Among the most recommended food is garlic, since it is a product that cleans the blood and removes the buildup of plaque, thus avoiding the formation of clots.
To follow directions and recommendations mentioned above, you can take a step forward to ensure a proper functioning of your body. Keep in mind that good nutrition, healthy habits and frequent physical activity can generate a lasting well-being allowing the functioning of each of the systems that make up the body.
Finally, it is necessary to give to the water the importance that it deserves, because this liquid generates large contributions to the body and in this case allows the release of toxins, leaving the free these blood, ensuring a correct circulation.
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