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6 remedies to relieve the redness in the eyes

Redness in the eyes can occur for different reasons. Usually red eyes are caused by irritation or allergy, although they can also be product from drying, infections, fatigue, new posts or impurities, or the use of contact lenses, among others. Depending on the cause of redness in the eyes, this can be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, swelling, itching, secretions, uncomfortable feeling in the eye or blurred vision.
Although in the majority of cases the redness in the eyes does not indicate a major disorder, when it occurs frequently or no reason apparent, the ideal is to consult a doctor. For the rest of the cases below we tell you some home remedies.

6 remedies to relieve the redness in the eyes

1- Cold compresses:

This is one of the remedies for excellence to relieve irritation and redness in the eyes. To apply it, you can make packs using two clean towels, which you'll be immersed in cold water and then put into each eye. More effective alternative is to wrap a couple of ice cubes in the wipes and apply it in each eye.

2- Tea bags:

Tea bags also have a soothing action to relieve the redness in the eyes. You must simply soak two teabags in cold water and apply it in each closed eye. Our suggestions: Chamomile, fennel or green tea.

3- Potato:

The Pope has an action very similar to the cucumber when it comes to refresh your eyes. To do this you must cut two slices from Dad, put them in the refrigerator and when they are cold put them in each eye. Once at room temperature, replace them with others.

6 remedies to relieve the redness in the eyes

4- Cucumber:

The cucumber is one of the best remedies to refresh the eyes and combat redness. You simply cut two slices of cucumber and place them over each eye. It should be recalled that the ideal is that the cucumber is very cold, so we recommend to cool it before applying it.

5- Carrot:

This vegetable also helps to combat irritation and redness in the eyes. In addition, it has an inflammatory action which will help to reduce the swelling in the eyes. To do this, it applies a carrot grated on each eye compress. If you don't want to use the carrot as such, you can apply compresses by soaking a cotton ball in the juice.

6- Rose water:

It has a calming action and refreshing ideal for the redness of the eyes. You simply dip a cotton ball in rosewater and place on closed eyelids. Be let stand for 10 minutes.

6 remedies to relieve the redness in the eyes

7- Tips to relieve the redness in the eyes:

Take a NAP: a cause of irritation and redness in the eyes is the lack of a good night's sleep. If for some reason you could not sleep during the night, it's a NAP during the day.
Avoid spending much time in front of screens: prolonged use of technological devices is another cause of this problem. If you work at the computer or use much your mobile, try to make at least a 20-minute breaks to rest your eyes. If possible avoid the use of these devices for at least 2 hours before sleep.
Artificial tears: If irritation and redness is due to dryness, can help you using artificial tears to moisten your eyes.
Avoids the use of makeup: If you are suffering from redness in the eyes, avoids the use of makeup for this area of your face, as chemicals may worsen the condition.
Wash your hands: before you touch your eyes seeks to wash hands well to remove any dirt.Watch out for other symptoms: If redness and irritation in the eyes is accompanied by other symptoms such as pain in the eyes, sensitivity to light, swelling or blurred vision, consult the doctor since it might be an infection like conjunctivitis or blepharitis
Do not rub your eyes: when we have redness or irritation in the eyes, one of the most common mistakes is to rub your eyes to feel a sense of relief. However, doing this will not relieve inflammation, they may do you more harm.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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