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How to rejuvenate with a haircut and its suitable care

Can we look younger with a new haircut? Of course that Yes! Occasionally, is worth a little more risk and dare something new. Something easy and simple that we will provide a fresher, more youthful appearance.
Rejuvenate with a hair cut is possible and we're going to show why. And even more, essential also to take care of their health. You will learn how. Are you going to lose?

How to rejuvenate with a haircut and its suitable care average hairs Pixie short hair Mask of aloe vera and beer

How to rejuvenate with a new haircut:

All women like to tell us that we seem younger. I have a fresh and healthy appearance. But how to get it? Sometimes, as you said before, worth being a little more daring and risk with a slightly different look. Takes note.

1. Look at the structure of your face:

Round face? Then you will have a soft chin and a round cheeks that are worth mentioning. To do this we will look for a haircut that give vivacity and movement in the area of the forehead and temples. Never opt for a cut of hair that comes only to the mandible, because then, you don't do more to accentuate the shape of your face. We want mobility and freshness, so it is better that the long pass of your jaw and reach your collarbone. Dare with a Mane in rather long layers and bangs.
Square face? Avoid the straight cuts, because they emphasize this way. The ideal is to get slightly attenuate these lines giving you more liveliness. More daring.We seek, above all, create oval outlines and so you can, for example, cut you an asymmetrical fringe, that is longer on one side. Ideal if the hair are long, to the clavicle. Soft waves much favor.
Long face? To soften a bit thin and elongated faces, we can for example cut off a rounded bangs, then, let us a hair in layers. It should not be very long, it is a medium hair down to his shoulders and get look of a "disheveled" mode, with soft waves.

2. The average hairs: forms daring to rejuvenate with a haircut:

The "Bob" hair is in fashion. It is one of hair cuts more flattering today (you can see it in the image above). Long layered hair or the "pixie" cut are just as flattering and give us a much more youthful image. It is matter of dare.
Medium long hair-based tempura are ideal and give us much movement, as well as softness in the face. You can choose a medium hair or a hair a bit more longer: all are well suited. No matter if your hair is smooth, wavy or curly, brings freshness and a very safe attraction that is worth trying.

How to rejuvenate with a haircut and its suitable care average hairs Pixie short hair Mask of aloe vera and beer

3. Pixie short hair, a safe bet to look years younger:

The haircut "pixie" is certainly a bold bet. But why not try it? The game of its appeal is that air fresh, loose and young, where fringes are very important. We must bear it in mind: a way to rejuvenate with a haircut is through a fringe fun and casual, sometimes cut erratically, as that you see in the image above.
Teach the nape of the neck and draw our factions with this haircut makes that we look younger and more daring. It is also a very used by the famous style lately. And as you can see, is also played with different dyes, since clear Blondes, until a color honey or chocolate brown. Regarding the color of hair you are who should choose it according to the color of your skin.
Do not think that "black always ages". It is not true. This tone is elegant and flattering. Furthermore, in the Middle hair "Bob", a black with blue sparkles is simply beautiful and evocative. Do you feel like?

2-Health of the hair to look younger:

1. Mask of aloe vera (aloe vera) and beer:

Using this mask of aloe vera and beer will achieve moisturize hair, nourish it and bring you an attractive brightness. To do this, it would be appropriate that we perform this treatment 3 times a week. How? Notes:


1/2 glass of beer without alcohol (100 ml).
Two tablespoons of gel of aloe vera (10 ml).
Put the ingredients in a bowl or a bowl and mix them well. Then, we will apply it us through damp hair for 20 minutes. You can, for example, help you in a plastic cap. Passed this time, wash as usual and then apply a conditioner. You'll see how your hair looks after this simple treatment.
Many women (and some men also) suffer because your hair does not grow enough or at the time they want to... Discover how to achieve rapid growth below!

2. Mask of avocado, mayonnaise and almond oil:

How to rejuvenate with a haircut and its suitable care average hairs Pixie short hair Mask of aloe vera and beer


1/2 ripe avocado.
Two tablespoons of mayonnaise (10 ml).
Two (3 ml) almond oil droplets.
The almond oil you can find it at natural stores or specialized perfumeries. It is not expensive and has many uses, it is worth it. To make this treatment simply mix all the ingredients. Form a smooth paste and sufficient forces applied in your wet hair. We would do the same as in the previous case. Let it through 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Very easy and ideal if you do twice per week. You'll see as you note.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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