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Triggers and treatments of tension-type headache: knowing them!

How many times per month do you usually suffer tension headache? This type of headache is, without doubt, one of the most common and disabling and, despite not being as intense as the dreaded migraines also can disrupt our daily.
It appears at any age and we feel it as a kind of painful band that oppresses our head, our temples, reaching even the neck area. You must take into account, in addition, that overuse of pain relievers can aggravate the problem further. That is why, from our space we tell you how you can prevent it and treat it in a natural way.
A good knowledge of their triggers and face them first without pain killers always will be the most appropriate. In addition, we must not forget it is essential to know the cause of this tension headache and its  treatment. Your doctor must be who first offers you a proper diagnosis.

Triggers and treatments of tension-type headache knowing them  hormonal changes stress migraine

1-Tension-type headache triggers:

I may surprise you to know that tension-type headache affects almost 80% of women and it is estimated that 60% of men. These percentages, almost 3% suffer chronic headache. As you can see, it is a very common problem type, so prevention is sometimes remarkable importance.
We invite you to discover with us all those aspects which can cause us so annoying tension-type headache.

1. Daily work before the computer or in a same position:

Our working hours tend to be the main cause of tension-type headache. We usually spend between 6 and 8 hours a day in a same position, sometimes incorrectly, that at the end of the day causes the following:
The muscles are overloaded. The area from the shoulders and neck are usually those who suffer greater rigidity throughout the day. In addition, the overload must add stress, a "lethal" combination that always leads to a tension headache.
Neither passes overlooked the effects of the computer screens in your health. In addition to spend several hours in a same position, you must add artificial light from screens, which directly affects our view. It is what is known as "computer vision syndrome", caused by an overload of the muscles responsible for the visual approach. It normally leads to blurred vision, swelling and headaches. It is something that we must bear in mind.

How can we deal with it?

If you are forced to keep a same position for several hours in the Chair, at a desk, in a factory, in a classroom or in any other scenario, it is important to be aware that you must change position every 20 minutes. Try to set every 15-20 minutes, after which, will rest two minutes making circular movements with the head, lifting and lowering the shoulders or pulling back. You try to move every half an hour, taking advantage of to do another task, if you are able.
In the event that you should spend many hours in front of the computer, remember that you must establish an optimal distance of 50 cm between the monitor and your view.
The screen must be at the same height as the eyes.
Set pauses in 2 minutes every 25 minutes, setting sight on the horizon or in a window, if you possible.
Remember to blink frequently: this way we hydrate and relax the eye.

2. The stress and tension headaches:

As you may know, stress and anxiety always go together for tension headaches. All our problems, our rush and concerns inevitably affect our health, causing hormonal changes, tense our muscles, nerves, altering our blood pressure...

How can we manage stress to prevent tension headaches?

It sets priorities in your life. Your health and you are the most important.
Wake up each morning with a purpose and an illusion. For example: now finish my work and am not going to worry about anything that isn't important. I will take a ride to be with that person who always makes me laugh, or my children to take them to the Park. Today, my day is going to give me quality of life.
Do not take home problems: a limit.
Stay away from toxic people and initiating positive relationships with people that make you happy.
Awareness of the "here and now". What matters is your current well-being, this mind that stress causes you to lose.

Triggers and treatments of tension-type headache knowing them  hormonal changes stress migraine

3. The hormonal changes:

Women are subject to numerous hormonal changes. Both menstruation and menopause generate us continual headaches that we can prevent. You will learn how to get it.

How to treat tension headaches associated with hormonal changes?

It tries to keep a record of when normally suffer headaches. Some women experience them during premenstrual syndrome; others, when they have finished menstruation.
Once you know more or less what period usually appear tension-type headache, establishes specific guidelines. Attempts to bring some quiet days where stress does not act as a trigger. Not charging with too much weight and tries to take quiet walks, very gentle exercises in the open air.
As for food, try to not eat dairy, chocolates, coffee or aged cheeses such as Roquefort cheese or brie. Also dispenses with the alcohol and stimulant drinks with gas, as well as sweets or all those foods that have in their composition "monosodium glutamate" since, in general, are triggers of headache.
It takes daily infusions of ginger and lemon balm. (E) ideals also relaxing baths with essential oils of peppermint and lavender. Simple strategies that will prevent you to suffer these headaches associated with hormonal changes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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