Thursday, March 26, 2015

Discover the healthier natural perfumes

Did you know that you can prepare your own homemade and natural perfumes of plants, flowers and fruits? In addition to its delicious aromas, these scents will surprise you because they also have beneficial health properties.
See this article three types of all-natural perfumes and choose which is your favorite: floral water, essential oils and citrus perfume and how to make it.

Discover the healthier natural perfumes how to make floral water essential oils and citrus perfume

1-Floral waters:

Have you ever heard of floral waters? The best-known are the roses, the Witch Hazel or the orange blossom, and usually sold as facial tonics to cool and firm the skin, prior to application of moisturizer.
However, since they are water distilled or macerated with the petals of flowers, they also emit delicious aromas that make them soft perfumes.
Them you can buy at health food stores or natural cosmetics stores, or else prepare them yourself at home.

You will only need the following ingredients:

Alcohol of 96 degrees.
Petals of the flower you choose: rose, jasmine, hamamelis, orange blossom, etc.
A glass bottle that can be resealed.


Cut the petals of the flower into small pieces with the help of a pair of scissors and see entering them the glass vial. You must fill three-quarters of the container.
Fill the jar with alcohol until it covers them completely.
Keep tightly closed and in a cool dark place for three or four weeks.
Every day or every two days you should slightly shake the bottle.
When you have passed that time can filter the content. If you want to promote more aroma, you can return to repeat the macerated with new petals and using that same liquid.

2-Essential oils:

In previous articles we have spoken of multiple properties of essential oils, some substances that are extracted from different parts of the plant (seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, etc.) and contain very powerful properties that can benefit us in many ways, in addition to some delicious aromas.
It is essential that we ensure that you are really good quality and not artificial scents essential oils when you buy them. A good way to do so is buying those who are certified as organic.
We especially recommend following essences, which highlight both its aroma and its health benefits:
Sweet orange: this oil helps to fight germs and has relaxing effects.
Lemon: Antiseptic and purifying, ideal to cleanse our body of toxins.
Bergamot: this oil soothes the excess energy, soothes and helps fight insomnia.
Peppermint: peppermint oil is energizing and gives freshness, which makes it ideal for the summer. It is slightly challenging, so it is not recommended in cases of hypertension. It also helps improve digestion and to combat the virus.
Lavender: one of the most relaxing oils, ideal for insomnia. It also helps to alleviate recent burns and heal.
Geranium: this oil cools and descends the energy levels. In addition, it is a hormonal regulator and a regenerative skin, ideal for blending with our moisturizing creams.
How do we use them?
Place in a pot with spray 10 to 15 drops of essential oil per 50 ml of water, and always stir before using.

Discover the healthier natural perfumes how to make floral water essential oils and citrus perfume

3-Citrus perfume:

One natural perfumes more often probably is the citrus: Orange, Tangerine, lemon, lime or grapefruit. In addition, these fruits have relaxing properties and at the same time improve our State of mind, so also are a good natural antidepressant remedy.
At home, you can prepare your own citrus fragrances for perfume you.


50 ml of water.
50 ml of alcohol.
Citrus peelings.


In a mortar, we will place a fabric that is not very thick.
Put up citrus peels and crush them well.
Once the fabric is impregnated well citrus, place it on top of a thin funnel and through her greet first alcohol and water then.
Let it stand for a couple of days, hermetically sealed and in the dark, and it is ready for use.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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