Sunday, March 29, 2015

4 ways to lose weight in the mornings. Try it!

All we know what it takes to lose weight. More than painful sacrifices, reduce some kilos requires first and foremost a change in habits with them, we will not only improve our figure line, but will also gain in quality of life.
Today, in our area, we invite you to know four ways to go little by little getting it and every day. It is worthwhile to implement it from today itself:

4 ways to lose weight in the mornings natural drink exercise  proper breakfast greek yogurt

1. What if we begin to get up early?

Get up an hour earlier than usual requires that effort that costs us so much... but you know how many benefits we can get with this hour more per day? Many!
We gain time for us with which we can have breakfast a little better, get time to get some exercise and also start the day with something more than calm. Because who has not lived in those frenzied mornings sometimes, that we do everything quickly and running and left home without breakfast? It is not good, not at all.
If you're not that your alarm clock ahead one hour, try from tomorrow by putting into practice the advice you follow the instructions below. It is worthwhile to try, you will see how will losing weight slowly!

2. This first natural drink that give our body:

Very well. We have managed to get up an hour earlier. What do we do now to go to lose weight? Prepare natural beverage with which purify our body, and also speed up our metabolism whenever possible. Here are a few options:
Warm water with lemon. Only you need the juice of a lemon and a glass of water. It seeks to ensure that is not too cold or too hot, as in this way our body is going to receive him better to take advantage of their many benefits.
Infusion of ginger. Are you a fan of medicinal plants? Then between your Favorites should always be the ginger root. It is very suitable to be losing weight, reduce inflammation, debugging, or to relieve this headache that sometimes we have to get up.
Infusion of pepper Cayenne, green tea and honey. You have spoken of this infusion on numerous occasions in our space. The fact of combining the cayenne pepper and green tea acts as an excellent accelerator of the body thanks to which you will be losing weight slowly. You'll love it.
Blue oolong tea. It is the tea of fashion in recent times to lose weight. You can find it at natural stores easily, and while it's not so economical as for example the green tea, its good results undoubtedly deserve the having to pay a little more. You can eat 3 times a week, is very rich in antioxidants and will allow us to improve our figure.
Pineapple juice with aloe vera. It's an excellent combination to start the day. With it, you will be able to purge toxins and cleanse your body. An easy resource for the mornings that you sit really well.

4 ways to lose weight in the mornings natural drink exercise  proper breakfast greek yogurt

3. A little exercise in the morning:

Great, we've already got and we have taken that first purifying drink with which to start the day. It is only a first snack that we will later, complete with a proper breakfast. But now, we are going to put our bodies in motion. We give you several options:
Get out and run 10 minutes. If you get a chance to get out and run, don't hesitate, do it. Are only 10 minutes in the morning that you can use as an excuse to go and buy bread for a walk with your dog or staying with a friend to do the same.
Walk 20 minutes. If you can not run, it would be just as beneficial to walk 20 minutes to pass fast. You'll see how well you feel.
Exercises at home. There may be a day you want to leave to walk--another well go jogging... But it is also possible that you will be more comfortable to do some exercise at home. If this is your case, dedicated 20 minutes to do push-ups and stretches to harden, for example, legs and buttocks. It is only a matter of mentalizing is. If you take the habit of doing it every day, little by little it will be easier.
Once completed these exercises, we will give you a good shower. You'll find that relaxing.

4 ways to lose weight in the mornings natural drink exercise  proper breakfast greek yogurt

4. A proper breakfast:

It is the time for breakfast and we have to do it well. A full breakfast, balanced and varied. Keep in mind that people who skip breakfast they return more slow your metabolism. They are delaying and with this, there is no movement and no power, so it tends to accumulate fat.
Thus it is clear to us that breakfast is very important in a diet where you want lose weight. We have already taken a drink depurante, we have done some exercise and we showered. Now tap eat with calm. But what options we have for breakfast?
We give you 5, where no lack fiber, vitamins, and proteins to strengthen muscle.
A bowl of oatmeal with a green apple and walnuts to pieces. A hard-boiled egg in half with a few drops of olive oil.
A sandwich of whole-wheat bread with whole grains, with a little avocado and Turkey Breast. A natural orange juice.
A cup of coffee with oat drink, a tortilla with a garlic and PEAR juice.
A greek yogurt with walnuts and diced plum.wheat toast with olive oil and a garlic to pieces above. A coffee or a cranberry juice or Granada.
A cup of natural fruit: 8 grapes, 4 strawberries and 1 plum. A small sandwich integral with a chopped hard boiled egg with two cherry tomatoes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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