Thursday, March 19, 2015

4 Medicinal infusions for a good night's sleep

Insomnia is one of the great evils of our life, since it is the result of stress, sedentary lifestyle, dinner late and abundant, muscle tension, etc.
In this article we offer you the simplest solution and for this purpose we recommend the medicinal plants that have the property of relaxing the body, as well as some tips to contribute to a better night's sleep.

Insomnia Medicinal infusions for a good night's sleep meditation stress

1-The infusions relaxing:

There are many medicinal plants with relaxing properties. They also have many other benefits for our health, so we suggest you the most common so you can take them every day and, by the way, improve your quality of life.
We will take them preferably in the afternoon and evening. If we are very nervous people, or we are going a stage of stress, we can also take them in the morning. The recommended amount is 2 or 3 cups a day.
We can sweeten infusions, if we wish, with stevia or honey orange blossom, Heath or lavender.
These plants are also available in other formats as tinctures, capsules or tablets, but before a treatment, we recommend always consulting with a therapist, especially if we are taking other medication or suffer any health problems.

2-Beneficial plants:

Insomnia Medicinal infusions for a good night's sleep meditation stress


When insomnia is clearly nervous. This plant not only is this type of insomnia, but it also helps us to combat anxiety, stress, States of sadness and anxiety, headaches or migraines.


The active principles of this plant have calming effects, induce sleep and also relieve muscle spasms. It is an excellent plant to also treat anxiety States since, although it acts on the nervous system, under no circumstances will alter our lucidity or attention.
Lemon balm or Melissa: this plant is the ideal solution for when, as well as insomnia, digestive disorders we suffer. It is also excellent for when an emotional situation causes us a pressure in the pit of the stomach.


Linden is another more known for their relaxing features plants, and also combat stress, anxiety and nerves that affect the stomach.

3-Be careful with drugs:

These teas that we propose should be the first choice when we started to suffer insomnia for several reasons:
If it's an insomnia caused by a temporary stress situation, these plants will balance our emotional state, respecting the natural rhythms of your body progressively.
They do not cause dependency.
Do not cause us States of drowsiness during the day, which can affect us at work or in our daily routine.

Insomnia Medicinal infusions for a good night's sleep meditation stress

4-General tips:

In addition to taking these medicinal infusions, we propose some habits that will help you to relax even more, sleep well and wake up with energy and good mood:

Prevents take home the problems of the day: 

although it is always good to talk of the day with the family, should avoid focusing on the negative situations, especially little before going to sleep. We can do a little bit of meditation, yoga, reading a book, listening to classical music, etc.
It is important to exercise at least two or three times a week, and if we usually charge too much tension or stress, should be alternated exercise of relaxing therapies (yoga, Tai Chi, etc.) with more intense cardiovascular sport (running, cycling, aerobics, etc.). The exercise that we do in the afternoon will take immediate effect and will lead us to a State of good mood and positive tiredness.
If we suffer stress or muscle aches that hinder us rest and make that move in the bed and you wake up often, you should consider making some stretching or massages before you go to sleep.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, our body is regenerated during the night, and the gallbladder and liver do it from 11 o'clock at night until 3 in the morning, by what at this time should already have done the digestion of the dinner to be able to rest properly. We suggest that you read early or, if work not so easy,  In this way, you will notice that you wake up with energy, recovered and with good humor.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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