Monday, March 16, 2015

5 great tips for showing off skin

A healthy skin reflects beauty and health. The passage of time, the effects of the sun, an inadequate diet and even the stress, they tend to be their greatest enemies. Then, what can we do to improve your image?
Sometimes, we let ourselves be enough money in beauty treatments, creams, cosmetics, but you can rest assured that there are simple home remedies that are going to help. 

With us you can discover how to get a beautiful skin. You will love it!

5 great tips for showing off skin essential secret to a beautiful skin hydration sensitive skin healthy skin beauty treatments, creams, cosmetics,

1-Your skin is very sensitive, monitors the treatment that you apply yourself:

Sometimes we invest lots of money in the purchase of creams that, far from helping us, may be altering the balance of the skin. Always read the composition of what you apply and avoid, above all, the cleansing lotions containing too much acid, us dry.
Ensures that elements are as natural as possible, chemical-free.

2-The importance of exfoliate the skin:

Exfoliation of the skin should become a routine. We must eliminate dead cells so that the skin to regenerate itself, since debugging the epidermis is something as important as, for example, to debug the kidneys or liver.
A simple way to exfoliate the skin while we shower is using oats. So we don't have to apply three tablespoons of oat flakes in the bath mitten. Then, with the skin already wet, we exert a deep massage to reactivate and exfoliate.
Coffee is also a great exfoliate. To take advantage of its properties, you can reuse coffee which you have prepared in the morning, put it in the inside of a cup and add 20 ml of essential oil of almonds. Stir it well and apply it on our skin when we are showering us. With the aid of a mitten, it exerts a circular massage into your skin. If you do it every day, you will notice it more smooth and bright.
For the face, you can prepare a wonderful Exfoliating with a spoonful of honey, two ground almonds and a few drops of lemon juice. We apply it on the face with your fingers, making a small circular massage. Then, you don't have to rinse with cold water. You give very good result!

5 great tips for showing off skin essential secret to a beautiful skin hydration sensitive skin healthy skin beauty treatments, creams, cosmetics,

3-The best power:

There are delicious natural juice that can help us to get a skin more healthy, young and bright. Are simple remedies that you can keep in your day to day and that, in addition to caring for your skin, you will provide adequate vitamins and minerals. Notes which are the best juices:
Juice of carrot and apple: Excellent to start the day. You will need to prepare only two carrots and an apple green. clean them well, since the skin contains rich nutrients that will come very well. Get in a blender and add one cup of water. You will love it!
Strawberry juice, cucumber and lemon: Tasty juice rich in antioxidants that will hydrate our skin, which will provide these essential nutrients that we need in our day to day. Grab 10 strawberries and a small cucumber. Any damp closets and raisin by the blender along with a glass of water. If you add a few ice cubes, you'll get a refreshing drink for the mid-afternoon.

4-The best hydration for the skin:

You have spoken many times of the great benefits of aloe vera. Used regularly, it will allow us to get a skin more elastic, healthy and hydrated, perfect to combat the effects of the Sun or premature aging.
It is recommended, for example, apply a tablespoon of aloe gel vera in our skin in the morning. You extend it by the face leaving the formation that rather rigid layer with its SAP. Allows you to Act 15 minutes, then remove it with a cotton swab moistened with infusion of Chamomile. It shall be to you very well.
In the evening, we will continue other simple treatment based on essential rose hip oil. Apply 3 drops in a cotton and given a soft massage. In this way, we repair the skin, moisturize it and invigorate it. It is excellent.

5 great tips for showing off skin essential secret to a beautiful skin hydration sensitive skin healthy skin beauty treatments, creams, cosmetics,

5-What is a essential secret to a beautiful skin? Sleep 8 hours!

You may feel silly, but a wonderful secret to achieving a great skin is to have a good night's sleep at least 8 hours. You must know that the lack of sleep causes free radicals accelerate the premature aging.
The skin loses its brightness, the small capillaries of our epidermis swell, we are filled with toxins and suffer from the classical fluid retention. Appear immediately the horrible dark circles… and not only that: the not sleeping properly in our agency raises levels of cortisol and glucose, favoring the hypertension and even obesity. Surprising but true.
Sleep relaxes us, allows that the Agency can carry out their functions of cleansing and oxygenation, and consequently makes our skin healthier and less inflamed. We feel better, and that domestic welfare is in our face and our beauty. Always remember that and do not neglect your never sleeping 8 hours a day: being able to wear a skin more young and beautiful is possible. You don't have more to put into practice these simple tips!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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