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Well to start the day with 10 simple tips: put them into practice!

Well to start the day with 10 simple tips: put them into practice!

Start the day well is not always easy. We woke up in a hurry and we have to do dozens of things before you leave home: prepare breakfasts, fix to the children if you do, leave everything in order and exit finally to the street, with the best appearance possible. All this in a little over half an hour!
Our mornings start with rush is not healthy. The experts tell us that we will finish well a day depending on the attitude with which we began, so what if we practice these simple tips? Do not require great efforts, and you'll realize as using very small changes, you can get great things.

Well to start the day with 10 simple tips put them into practice breakfast Combat stress get healthy life daily routine

1-Wake up an hour before:

It is well, we admit it. Getting up early is not easy at all, but we make sure you that it is worth while. It will allow you to have more time and go with more calmness, and all this is translated in better quality of life. And so, do not hesitate to move forward your alarm clock between 40 minutes and one hour.

2-Wake up with an illusion and a project:

There are many times in which, nothing more open eyes, the first thing that comes to mind are the problems and concerns. If we focus our thinking on these dimensions we leave bed with discouragement and very few want to. A change of attitude always helps us to achieve great things. Takes note of what you have to do:
The night before, and before you go to bed, already have planned the things that you do today. If you have any concerns, the most appropriate is to have established coping strategies last evening. In that way, we went to bed relaxed knowing that we have "a plan" and, in turn, will wake up for the morning more relaxed.
When you open your eyes, take 5 minutes of rest in bed to think. Display which illusion you have that day: finish the job and go take a walk, stay with a friend, go to swim, buy a book, a dress, a time going to the beach or out to dinner with your partner. Bridge an illusion and a goal for that day and you will see how the hours pass faster.

Well to start the day with 10 simple tips put them into practice breakfast Combat stress get healthy life daily routine

3-Warm water with lemon:

It is a perfect start way day. Just get up and fasting drink a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon, to then wait half an hour before breakfast. In this way, you will manage to purify the body, eliminate toxins, strengthen the liver and get a good dose of vitamins and minerals. A healthy remedy that always we recommend in our space.

4-A walk of 20 minutes:

There are people who do yoga, others practice meditation, but if there is something that will take care of your mind and your body is going to make a small walk 20 or 30 minutes. Ponte a good footwear, take a deep breath and free your head of all kinds of concerns. You have a great day ahead and your heart is going to be in operation with this healthy walk.
Note the strength in your legs and feel the rhythm of your breath, look to your around and tries to relax. No matter if the sky is sunny or if it has dawned with clouds: start well the day is as simple as love you a little more. And a 20-minute walk is a gift to your health. When you get home, take a bath, ending with a stream of fresh water in your legs.

5-A proper breakfast:

You've been up an hour earlier, you have already gone out to walk and you've given a good shower. What are you playing now? It is the time for breakfast with quiet and unhurried, enjoying every bite and every moment of those first hours of the day. Your breakfast should include some protein, some fiber and vitamins.
Would you like two simple examples? Notes:
Option 1
An omelette with spinach.
A bowl of Greek yogurt, raisins and grapes.
A green tea.

6-Good music:

Now is the time to dress up, styling and make those daily tasks that you need to leave lists before leaving home. So what if we're with you every step of a bit of music? The one you like best, the most anime your heart and put energy to your mood. A good song or a good melody is the soundtrack that pleased our life and that helps us to start the day well. So, enjoy!

Well to start the day with 10 simple tips put them into practice breakfast Combat stress get healthy life daily routine

7-A good attitude before you leave home:

You're ready. You're about to close the door of your House and not return her to within a few hours. What if we let out a long sigh, smile and go back to thinking about that illusion and that goal for your day? Leaving home with a positive attitude you will help address many of those everyday bumps, of those problems that we all have and that always can be overcome if you have strength and motivation.
Nothing is going to be with you. Today going to be happy because you are going to start the day and because you deserve the best. Does anyone doubt it?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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