Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Super tips for look bushier eyelashes

To who you would not look bushier eyelashes? We love to embellish them, also to take care of them... Whatever just to get a dramatic look with which fall in and transmit the maximum health and optimism.
But quiet, you don't have to spend a fortune on cosmetics to treat them. There are simple home tricks that are great for every day. We invite you to discover them with us.

Super tips for look bushier eyelashes Beware the curlers and the waterproof mascara Treatment with castor oil

1-We'll start with a good power:

Maybe you're one of those people that has rather thin and depopulated eyelashes. Nothing, there are many women who can solve this problem. It is clear, for example, that the genetic factor determines most of our features.
Now, using a power supply appropriate and specific makeup tricks can get it. And no, we will not use false eyelashes at all. With a little time and a few good habits, we will achieve our goal. It is best to start on the inside.
Dermatologists of the Madrid Institute of Dermatology and aesthetics (IMDEA) remind us that a diet well balanced where there are no fat and where we raise our consumption of vitamin A, B, C and E, will allow us to look more populated, bright and long eyelashes. Why not follow your advice?
The almonds. What if we take 6 almonds a day? They are rich in vitamin E, perfect to nourish the hair follicles of the tab. They also have polyphenol, an antioxidant that prevents that they fall us.
Olive oil. Sure that you already knew them. Olive oil strengthens the lashes and gives us lots of vitamin E, as well as antioxidants able to fight aging and the weakness of the same.
The beans. Natural source of iron, zinc, and b-complex vitamins and what offer us these items for the health of our eyelashes? Strengthen them, nourish them, it brings them oxygen...They are excellent.
Broccoli. Few vegetables are as healthy for our basic functions, in addition to our beauty. For example, did you know that broccoli brings you keratin? Thanks to it, your lashes will be more dense, strong and elastic.
Avocado. There are many studies that claim that eating half avocado a day brings us more than 20 vitamins and minerals. All of them are ideal to get a bushier eyelashes.

2-Easy tricks of beauty for bushier eyelashes:

Super tips for look bushier eyelashes Beware the curlers and the waterproof mascara Treatment with castor oil

1. Brush eyelashes by night:

Something as easy as cash. Think of your lashes as in your hair. Something very effective to stimulate its growth it is brushing them. Thus, we eliminate dead cells and stimulate circulation in the area. A daily routine with good results.

2. Treatment with castor oil:

Foolproof, effective and cost-effective. It is worth always have it at home and in your set of beauty. Few oils are so useful for our eyelashes like castor oil, a natural resource with which to achieve maximum hydration in our eyelashes.
To benefit from it is enough to give you a little massage with a cotton bud well steeped in the oil. If you do it at night after having brushed, you'll see how your tabs look gradually, bushier.

3. The trick of talcum powder:

This fantastic trick is one of the secrets of make-up artists of the stars. It is so simple that you will be surprised:
First we take the mascara and apply it in the tips of the eyelashes, making sure that they are well separated.
We then gently sprinkle the lashes with talcum powder. In this way we give density. You can apply it with another mascara brush, as you see in the image below. It is easier.
When already covered (take care that you do not enter the eye), again applied mascara. You know it's best, to make the tabs look more dense, to apply from the same root and upwards. You never leave tips, because it is this detail that gives you more length to them.

4. Does the mascara should always be black?

Sometimes, this is the question of gold. The truth is that no, not always. There are several resources that can serve us very well to look bushier eyelashes:
With transparent glitter mascara. It provides light, density and a spectacular look especially for the morning. If you correct your dark circles well, you will get a very chic.
Brown combined with black mascara: another trick of makeup artists. From root to half tab, we use Brown mascara. Then probes delicately bordered them with black mascara, this mode look long and bushy. Have you tried it already? It is sensational.

Super tips for look bushier eyelashes Beware the curlers and the waterproof mascara Treatment with castor oil

5. Beware the curlers and the waterproof mascara:

We know that curlers offer us a beautiful touch in look, but should not be abused. Do it all day punish eyelashes and run the risk of weakening them. If for whatever, you are forced to curl them always, remember to hydrate them at least twice a day with petroleum jelly or castor oil.
The same happens with waterproof mascara. We know that due to its composition it lasts much longer, and even we can go to the pool or the beach with him without that disappears. But what is your problem? That it is hard to remove, since are always small product lines that can damage the flange.
It is best not to abuse these two elements. Otherwise, and to conclude, these simple tips are as easy as economic, effective tips for all of us. With them you will gain no doubt more bushy and beautiful eyelashes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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