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6 beauty tips to look larger eyes

Tired, dark circles printed on the face or even those fine lines already edge our gaze, are undoubtedly the greatest enemies to look attractive eyes every day. If you also have have them small, these factors removed even more beauty in our image.
What can we do? There are simple tricks of makeup and natural remedies that you can wear larger eyes. In addition, we will teach you to take care of this part of the face so that your image is much healthier. We take note?

beauty tips to look larger eyes Home remedies to correct our dark circles lashes enhance your eyes eye shadows eyebrows treatment of Chamomile

1-Home remedies to correct our dark circles:

The skin we have under the eyes is very thin and thin. When we sleep, when we are tired or when we have a health problem, shows that accumulation of water, toxins and fat. It is very annoying waking up in the morning and see those dark circles purple that so difficult are correct.
Many women resort to makeup. Is it a good idea? It is a good resource, but not the solution. It is always better to use a home remedy first to then help us from a spell. In this way we avoid that sometimes excessive "accumulation" of makeup. We teach you what you can do:

2-Remedy of the cold spoon and treatment of Chamomile:

It is very easy. Just waking up and discovering those annoying circles before the mirror, take two small spoons and place them in the freezer. Meanwhile, see preparing an infusion of Chamomile: 150 ml of water and 2 bags of Chamomile. When it comes to a boil, extinguishes fire and allow it to rest.
Next step? When they have spent about 15 minutes, grab those cups that you have left it in the freezer and put them in your dark circles for at least 30 seconds. Now remove them and apply under your eyes a cotton swab soaked with the infusion of chamomile tea. It is very simple, it's alternate cold bucket with the treatment of chamomile. This remedy on the basis of cold-heat reactivated the movement of your dark circles and relieve the inflammation. It is very effective.

3-Demarcates your eyebrows:

To look larger eyes, we must also take care of our eyebrow shape. They are those who framed our gaze and who can give us a very striking effect, as well as elegant. As you may know, they are fashionable rather thick eyebrows, but that does not mean that we are going to neglect them.
You sharpen them well, leaving some thickness in the part that starts almost at the nasal septum, and go tweaking them a bit when they reach temples. Always brush them upwards and, finally, sharpen them with a Brown pencil. You'll see they offer such a fantastic result.

beauty tips to look larger eyes Home remedies to correct our dark circles lashes enhance your eyes eye shadows eyebrows treatment of Chamomile

4-The importance of the eye shadows:

Look at the image above. They have been used between 2 and 3 different tones to look larger eyes. The secret of this nice effect is mostly in use light shades in the area that extends under the eyebrow. A nude color, for example, is very flattering, since it brings breadth to that area and the whole of the gaze.
Later we will use a slightly darker shade in the outer corner of the eye, outlining an upward, as you see in the picture. In the area of the eyelid we will choose brightness but also by a clear shadow. That it brings light to your eyes.

5-White pencil to bind the inner part of the eye:

Never fails. Use a white pencil to contour that internal line of the eye is the best trick that you can use in your day to day to show off a few larger eyes. It offers a very attractive and eye-catching finish, no matter that your makeup is day or night. That never miss this white pencil in your makeup kit!
6-Get long, thick eyelashes
Long and thick eyelashes may also help us to look larger eyes. How to get it? Using a suitable make-up and with some simple homemade tricks. Notes:

1. Treatment with castor oil:

Every night we apply this simple remedy based on castor oil. Take a cotton ball and dropped two drops of castor oil for later, moisten your eyelashes and make a small massage. If you wish, you can combine it with olive oil or almond oil, also offers a good result. It promotes growth and very adequately takes care of your lashes.

2. Makeup Tricks for lashes more dense:

Mascara is essential to look larger eyes. Apply always in ascending order starting from the root, ensuring separate well each tab. Once you've applied that small layer, sprinkle with care over them a little talcum powder. This trick will bring to your eyelashes more vigor, more beauty and density. Then apply a new coat of mascara.
Next? The black eyeliner. Remember that it is always better than pencil liquid eyeliner. When it comes to using it do it in the following way: draw a line slightly thicker at the bottom of the eyelid and ends with a finer line that lengthen at the ends of the eyes. You will get a tempting and magnificent result.

beauty tips to look larger eyes Home remedies to correct our dark circles lashes enhance your eyes eye shadows eyebrows treatment of Chamomile

7-A few discrete lips that would enhance your eyes:

Conclusion: always remember that to give more attractive to your eyes, it is necessary that lips makeup is discreet. In this way, the attention will go over our eyes. Therefore, choose a soft tone, a pink or a nude. They offer an attractive finish and thus, you will be able to also look larger eyes.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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