Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to make a dry shampoo to regulate excess grease

Have you heard about the benefits of dry shampoo? It is very useful to carry in your bag and save us some timely need. We serves to define and fix hairstyles, to give volume and also to regulate the excess of tallow or grease. It is very convenient!
Have dry shampoo at home does not mean that we are going to change of habits of hygiene and dispense with the water, at all. It is only a resource more within our beauty kit capillary. We are confident that you will love using it and, above all, learn how you can construct one yourself. How do we note?

How to make a dry shampoo to regulate excess grease fix hairstyles  curls waves hair care

1-Benefits of the dry shampoo:

Dry Shampoo is, recently, an element rather than lead in Lipstick purse or mobile. It is really useful. Imagine that sales of home with perfect hair, you have to go to a party and that, suddenly, the moist environment begins to curl your hair, appearing annoyed "frizz".
If you're that usually has a little oily hair, then this type of dry shampoo will also be your best ally. You won't have more than go to any bathroom and apply it to you to reduce that annoying brightness and caking. Would you like to learn more?
Better defined curls, waves, hair...
It offers more volume.
If you have bangs and always notes it very greasy, dry shampoo can help you avoid it.
If you usually ironing your hair regularly, will help you to keep it spotless.
It is normal to wash our hair a day Yes one day not. Dry Shampoo is, therefore, ideal for use on that day intermediate, it allows to regulate excess sebum and gives you a perfect finish.

2-How can I prepare my own dry shampoo at home?

Two tablespoons of rice (40 grams) flour.
Two tablespoons of starch of maize or corn starch (40 grams).
A tablespoon of baking soda (20 grams).
5 drops of essential oil of peppermint, lemon or lavender. The one that you like.
It is very simple. The first thing we will do will be to find a small container where to put our dry shampoo. Trying to be a nice bottle, so you can carry more comfortably in the bag.
Just enter in the bottle all the ingredients mentioned above: The rice flour, cornstarch, baking soda and essential oil that you've chosen.
Well remove the vial so that all the components are well consolidated. What is it really easy? And economic!

How to make a dry shampoo to regulate excess grease fix hairstyles  curls waves hair care

3-How can I use the dry shampoo?

We know that it may seem surprising, but we focus again on the same: dry shampoo does not replace regular washing with water, is only an emergency resource. A trick for when we leave home and noticed that our hair, or the bangs, begins to look something more greasy or caked. Let's therefore what steps should follow:
When you leave the house, this includes dry shampoo bottle in the bag, in addition to a brush for your hair.
At the time that you notice that your hair begins to be greasy, goes to the bathroom and stand before the mirror. Remove the prongs or pins (if you wear them) and apply a bit of the dry shampoo on the hair trying to go to the root of your hair. If the only thing you want to correct the appearance of your bangs, apply to this part of your hair. Very easy.
With your fingers you see spreading the powders caring that they are correctly impregnated in the roots. The most critical areas are always the fringe and the scratch of the head. Make a small massage to increase the uptake.
Now, do the same in the ends of your hair. Thanks to the dry shampoo they will look loose and bright, and will bring more beauty to your hair. To achieve this, it applies some of these powders in the palms of your hand and seen rubbing the tips.
What we do now? Wait for that dry shampoo absorbs the excess of grease or tallow. Normally they are not more than 5 or 10 minutes.
Passed this time, can now start to brush your hair to remove the dust. These already have absorbed the fat of the hair and is time of remove them, so brushing with force. You will see that they are very easily removed and that hair looks more loose, without any caked lock or with excess fat. By also including an essential oil in its composition, it will smell good, but if you wish, at the end you can apply some perfume suitable for hair.
Dry Shampoo is very appropriate when, for example, we will travel or go to the gym and do not want to give us a shower there and prefer to wait to get home. It is important to point out to you also that it is not appropriate to use twice in the same day the dry shampoo. We can get out of trouble, but the ideal is that, then, we wash us hair with water always mode. It is a resource that is useful and practical to that insurance is going very well.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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