Monday, March 16, 2015

Olive oil treatment to strengthen fingernails naturally

Most of the women are in constant search of strengthen your nails to show off a more beautiful manicure and leave a good impression with the care of your hands. We know that fingernails make an important part of our beauty and personal presentation, so the ideal is to have them well maintained and clean.
However, the multiple tasks at work and at home can do that our fingernails are to weaken and begin to look brittle. This problem is quite common, as the use of cleaning chemicals, hygiene and many other factors that we expose can directly affect the health of your nails.
for all those women who are looking for alternatives to take care of your nails and look a perfect manicure, then want to share with you the keys and a good natural treatment for that strengthen your nails and get the desired appearance.
This excellent treatment uses the benefits of olive oil, so it is not difficult to prepare and is fairly economical.

1-Tips to strengthen your nails:

Olive oil treatment to strengthen fingernails naturally healthy and strong nails perfect manicure nail polish Repair nails

Increase the intake of proteins: 

power supply plays a very important role in the care and health of our nails. The ideal is to increase the consumption of food rich in protein, such as for example, the lean meats, The chicken, fish or vegetables. It is also good to consume more calcium and vitamins A, B and C, present in fruits and vegetables.

Avoid contact with chemicals: 

chemicals such as detergents and soaps can weaken the fingernails due to its toxic components. The ideal for caring for the health of the nails is use gloves each time you clean or manipulate any of these products.
Keep the nails short: long fingernails may be very pretty but they crack very easily. The ideal is to keep them short or not exaggerated in size.

Limit the use of nail polish remover: 

the nail polish remover has toxic components that can dry out and weaken nails and cause them to break easily. It is ideal to use it only once per week and in small quantities.

Avoid the use of hardeners and artificial nails: 

nail hardeners seem a good choice to strengthen them, but the truth is that they have chemical components that can lift your plate. On the use of artificial nails, they look good, but to remove them also can boot the surface and lead to the appearance of fungi.

Get a manicure once a week: 

you will not necessarily you should paint the nails to get a good manicure. It simply performs the steps of cleaning and cutting of the manicure and keep your nails healthy.
File nails straight: Ideally, filing nails instead of cutting them with a nail Clipper. It is recommended trim them straight to prevent that they embody.

Repair nails quickly: 

when a part or it is broken is to file it immediately to mitigate damage until it is worse. If the break is large and you want to save it, You can apply a little glue for nails and put up a small piece of paper for tea bag. When already hit paper, lima the surface with a thin cloth. Finally, it applies some enamel transparent above and ready.

Olive oil treatment to strengthen fingernails naturally healthy and strong nails perfect manicure nail polish Repair nails

2-Olive oil treatment to strengthen nails:

Olive oil is a product with moisturizing and strengthening properties that can help us to be more healthy and strong nails. The application of this product on the nails deeply nourishes them, gives them more vigorously, and avoids problems of fragile nails.
A bit of olive oil. Fresh orange juice. Garlic.
Crush the garlic and mix with the juice of a fresh orange in a bowl. You must then soak your nails in this mixture for about 10 minutes.
You must then, in another bowl, add a good amount of olive oil and dip nails another 15 minutes.
You do this treatment twice a week and I know constant to obtain good results.
You can also soak your nails in olive oil with more frequency for best results. Another option is to apply a bit of olive oil in the nail every night before you go to sleep.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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