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Types of abdominal and what are used for each

There are many myths and misinformation in relation to an exercise as popular as are the abdominal. Some studies indicate that should not be done every day, others that serve only to have a nice figure and there are those who assert that for this to take effect should be made at least 1000 in each routine. Find out in the next article of which are the types of abdominal and to serve each one.

Types of abdominal and what are used for each Tips for sit-ups prevent back pain ABS with push Exercise Twist Crunches

1-Tips for sit-ups:

Before knowing the different types of sit-ups, it's good that you learn some questions about them. The key point is to do them right. But... What is this proper form for sit-ups?
For example, much care back, and above all the neck, which are the two regions that they resent the wrong movement. The arms must be more open as possible so that the pressure the stomach and no other part of the body.
On the other hand, it is good to know that it is not possible to lower the fat in the abdomen only doing these exercises (for more than we make thousands every day), but that it is necessary to combine with aerobic exercise and a good diet. It is not necessary to perform many abdominal in the same routine, but several well facts of each type of muscle, that is to say, oblique, lower and higher.
The abdominal muscles are, therefore, must train certain days of the week and rest others. If the works in excess can occur until muscle fatigue and injury. If we are working the muscles or the higher it is advisable not oblique bend the head or close the arms to the climb.

2-Why is it necessary to do abdominal?

To prevent back pain:

The exercise is the most effective treatment for cervical, lumbar pains, etc. But attention, always must be a specific activity which do not further damage the area. If you don't have a major disease in your column, the abdominal muscles make sure your back is getting stronger.
To improve the body posture:
If your ABS are not only strong you'll see with a body as model, but that you will also improve your posture, you will keep the right body. On the contrary, when the abdominal muscles are weak we urge bending your back and shoulders forward, which creates many headaches.

To combat the swelling:

The abdominal are used to cleanse the toxins and fats, as well as the excess fluid in the body. Kept in the stomach and intestines. If we have the toned muscles of the abdomen, the intestine will make your job better and avoid constipation.

To avoid the flaccidity:

Of course that have beautiful abdominal is very important in aesthetic. These exercises help us to combat the sagging skin after pregnancy, weight loss in an abrupt manner or many kilos, by the weakening of the tissues with the passage of time or for the lack of muscle tone.
3-What are the types of abdominal?
The following types of abdominal are which surely make without realizing. Pay attention to each one of them and what works when you do them.

Types of abdominal and what are used for each Tips for sit-ups prevent back pain ABS with push Exercise Twist Crunches

ABS standard:

They are the ones that the movement "isolates" the abdominal muscles, i.e. working only that part. To make them, you go to bed you your back with the feet on the floor and your knees bent. It can also be with your legs stretched, elevated or resting on a bench. Hands are behind his head, lightly. You Flex by pressing with the muscles of the stomach as high as possible, keeping your lower back resting on the floor or mat. It returns to the initial position.

Abdominal with rope or band:

The band collapses and that is what gives resistance to the movement of contraction of the abdominal muscles. It is necessary that you kneel under a pulley with a rope or band. Holding with both hands and pull down, back neck, until the hands closer to the Chin. Then flexing the hips and enables that weight to straighten your back. Slightly tilt the body forward to contract the muscles. Pull your elbows out. Keep hips stationary and keep the tension all the time.

ABS with push:

These are done with dumb-bells or with disks of weight. Lie face up on a steep bank. Not to move the feet lock with the bottom pad and took the dumb-bells or disks (With or without bar). Extends his arms to the sides. Lean forward to raise the upper torso as high as possible. Then returns to the starting position.

With Abdominal stability ball:

This is a very interesting exercise that lets you activate the lower part of the abdominal, as well as to gain more strength in the torso by the activation of certain muscle groups. To perform these abdominal you need to sit in a ball and walk forward to turn your back. Bend the knees and hips, letting your head and shoulders hang. Place your hands behind your head and lean forward until the height of the waist. Keep the lower back against the ball.

Abdominal reverse:

They serve to increase strength in the lower rectum of the abdomen. They must lie down with legs and arms extended. The Palms resting on the floor. It elevates the legs until they are perpendicular to the ceiling. Down and up the legs without bending them, and without touching the floor to reach. Another option is to bring the knees to the chest and stretch your legs so that they are parallel to the ground.

Types of abdominal and what are used for each Tips for sit-ups prevent back pain ABS with push Exercise Twist Crunches

Twist Crunches:

These exercises are used to work the abdominal oblique, i.e., on the side of the body. Lie down face up, bend the knees and supports the foot on the floor. The hands behind the head. Get up as if you were to do an abdominal standard but at the top turn the torso to the right. Lower and repeat to the left. Remember to always leave open elbows.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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