Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eggplant helps reduce abdominal fat

A party where most accumulate us fat deposits is in the waist, both to men as to women, but it is also one of the areas where more quickly we can reduce it, since with some feeding tips and changing some habits we can notice a big improvement.
In this article you will learn how Eggplant helps you to reduce abdominal fat, as well as some tips and recipes to eat it in a light and original way. In particular we explain what is the healing water from Eggplant and an original and light way prepare breaded eggplant.

Eggplant helps reduce abdominal fat tips and recipes Burn calories lose weight Negative calorie foods

1-Eggplant slimming:

Why do we have selected the eggplant to help us lose weight and reduce waist?
The Eggplant is very rich in water and fiber, making it a very satiating food. That is, that we fill without consuming so much as other foods that are more fattening and, on the other hand, do not satisfy us both.
It is low in calories and the body spends in digest it yet more calories than we consumed.
It is diuretic, which helps us to eliminate excess fluids of our body. This will be very effective when we feel that we swell with ease.
Should we suffer constipation, which is also one of the causes of having a too large abdomen, Eggplant helps us to combat it naturally due to their fiber content. In this way the intestines will work best and are not therefore fuel, which could cause a thickening of the waist.
The eggplants contain a balanced amount of minerals that helps us to balance the nervous system. This is essential to avoid particularly anxiety and these attacks of sudden hunger that make eat too, food very caloric and almost without chewing.
Eggplant facilitates the functioning of the liver and the gallbladder, which is indispensable to digest properly, especially fats. In this way we digest better food and will prevent that they become the feared reserves.
Finally, the Eggplant also has cleansing properties that help to eliminate toxins from our body, so in addition to reducing fat deposits we will be getting rid of toxic substances that can cause many diseases in the future.

Eggplant helps reduce abdominal fat tips and recipes Burn calories lose weight Negative calorie foods

2-Discover water from Eggplant:

One of the most light and healthy ways to benefit from all these properties is to prepare Eggplant water:
We wash a medium eggplant, peel it and cut it into cubes.
We will put the dice in a bottle of dark Crystal, along with half a liter of water.
Let it marinate overnight.
The next morning we add the juice of half a lemon, which will boost the flavor and properties. We can also add a splash of sea water.
This drink will take it half an hour before the main meals a week, and you can repeat this cleansing cure once a month or more every time, when you feel that you need it.

Eggplant helps reduce abdominal fat tips and recipes Burn calories lose weight Negative calorie foods

3-Light breaded Eggplant:

We usually associate the meal breaded with a lot of fat and calories, but in this case we propose a way to delicious and very light to prepare a simple breaded Eggplant:
We put the Eggplant cut into slices soaked with salt water, for at least one hour.
Let it drain for a while.
We had the Eggplant slices by egg beaten and slightly salty and then ground oatmeal or in flakes, depending on whether we like the thicker batter and crunchy or finer. Oats also is a highly nutritious cereal but that helps us to lose weight.
We put them in the oven with a little olive oil of good quality, and if we want it, add spices.
We Bake until they are soft and clicking the eggplants. They should be very tender inside and crispy batter.
If we have guests we can prepare these breaded eggplant, and for those who do not have to follow a diet, we also season with tomato and goat cheese.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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