Wednesday, March 25, 2015

4 simple tips to rejuvenate your hair

Is it possible to look more youthful and healthy hair? Since then. As you may know, the passage of time is also noticeable in our hair. We see it without just brightness, weak and with less volume. The use of chemical products also affects your health. Dyes, creams, the use of the dryer or hair plates tend to be enemies of the health of our hair.
Today in our space, we want to teach you different guidelines to rejuvenate your hair. We are confident that you will love.

4 simple tips to rejuvenate your hair Treatment Mask healthy hair Accelerate the growth of hair Improve and fix our hair

1-Interior care: foods rich in keratin:

It is impossible to enjoy our beauty if first within ourselves we don't care. It is necessary to follow a proper diet, there where it is missing any nutrients, no ore.
You know that, for example, anemia is a direct enemy of our hair: we are losing it, is weak and brittle. The iron is thus essential so that oxygen reach the hair follicle and is well nourished. Strong and healthy. In addition, it is essential that our hair has some essential amino acids to nourish the keratinocytes.
The keratinocytes make up the keratin, that protective layer that provides elasticity and strength to hair and nails and teeth health. More, safe is that once you've bought some cream rich in keratin to treat the health of your hair. What if we now complement it with adequate food which brings us this amino acid? Notes:
Brussels sprouts.
Lean meats such as chicken or Turkey breasts.
Oranges and lemons.

4 simple tips to rejuvenate your hair Treatment Mask healthy hair Accelerate the growth of hair Improve and fix our hair

2-Mask of egg, oil of olive and honey:

One of the best treatments to rejuvenate your hair. Sometimes the most simple and economic remedies are, without a doubt, the most effective. The most important thing is to be consistent with these treatments and we apply them at least three times a week.
It is very easy to prepare. You need two egg yolks. You must beat them well and add 20 ml of olive oil and 20 ml of honey. It tries to develop a kind of well homogeneous paste for, then, apply it to your wet hair. Then, cover the head with a plastic cap and allows it to act at least 20 minutes.
Passed this time, rinse with warm water. You'll see how your hair Shimmers and notes it how stronger, elastic, and bonito.

3-Treatment of butter and Apple Cider vinegar:

It is possible that you surprised by this treatment. What we tried to achieve? Combat hair loss. Something so easy and effective to convert, since today, in one of your best beauty secrets.
The butter will serve as excellent nutrient of the hair follicle, while Apple Cider vinegar is ideal to reduce sebum, to eliminate bacteria and dandruff and also stimulate blood circulation.
How do we prepare this treatment? Very easy. We take a few 100 grams of butter and make us a massage on the scalp must be well impregnated. The hair should be damp.
Now rinse with warm water. Next? Dilute 30 ml of Apple Cider vinegar in a glass of water (250 ml) and given a new massage with this mixture. It allows to act for 10 minutes, to then wash your hair normally with a conditioner. Simple and effective to rejuvenate your hair.
Complement the information!
Apple Cider vinegar is a natural product that is ideal for various beauty treatments. Find out more below.

4 simple tips to rejuvenate your hair Treatment Mask healthy hair Accelerate the growth of hair Improve and fix our hair

4-Treatment of mayonnaise and coconut oil:

Have you ever used mayonnaise to care for the health of your hair? It is magnificent! It provides nutrients to the hair, it gives you flexibility, strength and shine. It is a great remedy that we should put into practice once a week.
What we do is very simple. Firstly we dampen the hair, then apply 40 grams of mayonnaise (about two tablespoons). It extends the mayonnaise from root to tips making a good massage throughout the scalp, ensuring that it is well impregnated. Allows you to act for 20 minutes.
What is the next step? Rinse the hair with warm water, to then apply 20 ml of coconut oil. And why coconut oil? Because it brings to the hair all those proteins that we lose every day by the effects of the Sun and the climate. It is a wonderful conditioner. Leave to act for at least 10 minutes and finally returns to rinse. Perfect if you do it two days per week.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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