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Baked Swiss chicken

If you are looking for a different and tasty way to prepare chicken you're interested in reading further. This is the recipe for baked chicken swiss Yummy!
The secret to get a chicken crispy on the outside, but with a meat juicy and spicy, are cooking times which must be accurate to that the meat is well cooked, but not last of fire.
The proposed Swiss chicken recipe-baked will allow us to reduce fat in our menu.
This recipe is not the original, if not add cream of milk or béchamel sauce and perform the Gratin with Swiss cheese - gruyere, emmental or raclette, to name a few. Both the cream and the cheese is what will give that height flavor to this dish of the restaurant, which on this occasion we bring you to make you feel at home.
The preparation of baked Swiss chicken has a moderate difficulty, giving portions for six people. This is a creative way of presenting chicken and not bored of eating this meat low in fat and rich in proteins.
Before you begin, remember that chicken contains many bacteria. There are studies that have shown that the most effective way to keep them at Bay is to not wash it, since wet raw meat, only increases the risk of spreading of diseases by cross-contamination.
However, the best way to be sure that it will not consume a contaminated chicken meat is Cook very well at high temperatures and at the appropriate time.
That said, remove the skin from chicken, innards and neck, cut into eight pieces and proceeds to remove the residual moisture in the meat with a paper towel. Refrigerate until the time that is required within the recipe.

Step by step Baked Swiss chicken juicy and spicy  Cheese Recipe in english

Ingredients for baked Swiss chicken:

A whole chicken or chicken four Supreme (breasts)
Bread crumbs
Two eggs
A small bunch of fresh herbs
A teaspoon of mustard
A teaspoon of paprika
A mashed garlic
Half a cup of white wine
Salt and pepper
For the sauce:
1 cup milk
50 Gr. of butter or lard
50 gr self-raising flour or three tablespoons of starch or corn starch.
Pinch of nutmeg
Salt and pepper
1/2 Cup grated Swiss cheese

Step by step Baked Swiss chicken juicy and spicy  Cheese Recipe in english

Step by step to make Swiss Chicken Bake:

After clean and cut the chicken into pieces, place in a bowl or deep container and seasoned with white wine, fresh herbs, paprika, crushed garlic, the spoonful of mustard and the touch of salt and pepper. Canned.
Meanwhile, proceed to make the white sauce by placing in a frying pan, butter or lard, until melted, add the flour and continue mixing until the mixture takes a golden color.
Add the milk, put the nutmeg and season the cream. In the event that you decide to replace the flour with corn starch, it unites the butter and milk and when the liquid is hot, add the cornstarch until it thickens the mixture.
Take marinated chicken pieces and pass them through the beaten eggs and then bread with bread crumbs.
Take a pan, prepare it with a little oil and placed the chicken breaded in it. Leads to the preheated oven at 200 ° C for five minutes or until the chicken is golden brown.
Cover chicken with white sauce and leads to the oven again for 12 minutes now at 180 ° C of temperature.
Adds to the preparation, the Swiss cheese (gruyere or emmental). You'll also serves fresh mozzarella cheese. Activates the griller from the oven and left there for five minutes more.
Remove from the oven and accompanies this rich Swiss chicken in the oven, with a few potatoes baked with Rosemary and a fresh salad of Arugula, tomatoes, radish, mushrooms, grapes, and a simple dressing.
Ready! We have given you another delicious chicken recipe to add to our proposals for Chicken Parmesan, lemon and beer.
Have good profit!
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe .your comments will highly appreciated.


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