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The incredible benefits of a daily walk of 20 minutes

We already know the benefits of doing a bit of sport per day, exercise our bodies with activities that improve our health and take care of our weight. However, we have not always time due to work and daily obligations.
Now well and if you say that with a walk of 20 minutes a day, you get a host of benefits? Indeed, include this healthy exercise in our routine will give you a real quality of life, so it's worth putting it into practice. We explain why.

The incredible benefits of a daily walk of 20 minutes treatment for depression blood pressure Heart health

The benefits of a walk of only 20 minutes:

Ideal in the morning or in the afternoon, during those hours when the Sun is not very intense and is made more enjoyable to go out. A daily walk of 20 minutes is something very easy to implement and is worth making it, either alone or in the company of who you want.
It is possible that you be surprised. Really can we care so effectively our health out walking for less than half an hour? The University of Illinois (United States) conducted an interesting study in 2013, which was subsequently published in the magazine "Neurosciencie". Then, you will discover all the conclusions to which arrived:

1. Cognitive Enhancements:

Perform a daily walk of 20 minutes improve our cognitive functions. The brain is oxygenates and relaxes, gets new stimuli, receives more blood supply and favors the synthesis of endorphin (hormones of welfare).
If we are consistent and we do every day, so basic functions such as attention, memory and the processing of information will improve significantly.
We must bear in mind that, sometimes, we fall into a strict routine in which the monotony affects our performance and motivation. Something as simple as leaving walking puts us in contact with nature or the city, activate our heart and our brain. Few things are as rewarding.

2. A good treatment for depression:

People who go through periods of decay or depression, tend to prefer scenarios with low stimulation: low light, low sound and social contact... Something as simple as leaving walking represents an act of improvement and contact with the world.
Walk, take a deep breath and start our hearts at a rhythmic pace is a relaxing event for the brain. It is precisely in this welfare state when our thoughts begin to relativize it. We see things in a different way from other less negative Prism and where the problems already appear to be as serious as before.
If we acquire the healthy habit of a daily walk of 20 minutes, not only are we taking care of our health, we are also filled with positive emotions, able to cope with a depression.

The incredible benefits of a daily walk of 20 minutes treatment for depression blood pressure Heart health

3. An easy way to take care of your heart:

A daily walk of 20 minutes is the perfect partner to take care of your cardiovascular health. It increases the strength of our heart and its ability to pump blood.
Arteries become more elastic and can stretch much better to circulate the blood that, thus, reach all parts of our body much better.
Did you know that with this simple daily walk we treat high blood pressure? So it is, and no matter the age you have: the sooner you put it into practice, before can prevent many of these diseases that occasionally come by family history.
It also prevents the onset of diabetes, since it improves your metabolism and blood sugar level.

4. More benefits that you don't know:

Did you know that a daily 20 minute walk strengthens our skeletal system? Does absence make great efforts nor that we exhaust. Something as simple as leaving to walk every day can prevent osteoporosis.
Walking also favors our intestinal transit, avoiding classic constipation. We were able to better purify your body and optimize our digestive functions.
Walk regularly strengthens our legs. Women are precisely those who most suffer from poor circulation, varicose veins, wear and tear of knee... Something as simple as a walk every day will improve and harden the muscles and bones of your legs, preventing many of these problems.
It is never late to start, we assure you. No matter if you're not used to doing nothing of exercise: a simple daily walk is always easy to fulfill. It just enough to find that moment, 20 minutes that unwind and relax.
Get good shoes that keep subjects your feet, wear comfortable clothes and take a bottle of water to keep yourself well hydrated. You must always start at a leisurely pace, then speed up a bit, but without running. It is simply walking brisk for 15 minutes, ending with another 5 in a more relaxed way.
Ideally, do about 2 kilometers daily. If you just buy this habit you'll be taking care of your health in a way that is as rewarding as simple. Do we start today itself?
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