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Orange tiramisu

The recipe for tiramisu without eggs orange is a less caloric version of this dessert of traditional Italian, ideal for those who want to avoid consuming raw eggs and add a fruity touch that gives a twist to this classic autumn dessert.

Orange tiramisu  mascarpone soletillas  ristretto Dessert Recipe in english

The tiramisu, born in the North of Italy, has an uncertain geographical origin. Tuscany, Venetian and Piedmont are disputed his creation, however, keep close relationship with the nobility. Curious, since the ingredients are far from unattainable and willing to hand, insurance already in our pantry.
Another legend surrounding the tiramisu, is that it places him in the bars and brothels of Treviso, where soldiers of the last century were tempted by the host of the place, with this attractive "snack". "Go, take love, I give you something that a ' you strip your '", Word, the latter, that would just mean "snack".
Well loaded coffee (espresso), biscuits of ladyfingers, mascarpone and cocoa, are the basis of this sweet that it has won the hearts of all lovers of pastry.
The Orange tiramisu is a cool, easy-to-make dessert and which days will win in taste. The secret to keep this sweet form, is kept in the refrigerator at least three hours before eating it.
Mascarpone can be replaced with another cream cheese. There are those who do a mixture of two parts cheese cream, a yogurt. Perhaps the result is slightly different in taste if we use these substitutes, but they will not negatively affect our Orange tiramisu recipe.
We take into account that in some places it is not easy to get the mascarpone, so note this other preparation to get a fake mascarpone cheese: cheese, ricotta, cream and sugar. Mix and get a delicious and with less fat cream.
Without further ADO, let's live to prepare this marvel of the sweet Italy, with which we will give the finishing touch to our meals.

Let's prepare the Orange tiramisu!


200 g or 40 cupcakes ladyfingers
150 gr of sugar
180 ml of coffee Espresso or ristretto
180 ml of orange juice
200 g of liquid cream to mount
Cocoa powder
Coffee or almond liqueur
Orange Zest

Orange tiramisu  mascarpone soletillas  ristretto Dessert Recipe in english

Tiramisu of Orange, step by step:

Let's start our preparation with ingredients and utensils to be used in our table. The order in the kitchen we save preparation time.
Now, let's make our well loaded coffee.
In a slow cooker we have sugar with orange juice until sugar is dissolved, without leave to thicken.
In a bowl we mounted the cream with a beater and incorporate manual slowly the syrup and orange zest to taste.
In a bowl, we combine coffee and liqueur tablespoons. Subsequently, we got wet cookies type template (ladyfingers cake) into the liquid and have a refractory container.
If the refractory is round we can have the soletillas vertically around mold, then set a layer of biscuits in the bottom of the Pan and cover with the cream of mascarpone and orange. It is recommended to cover the mold with plastic wrap to then remove our tiramisu of Orange without problems.
Cover with another layer of soletillas bathed in the coffee mixture.
Back to top with mascarpone cream and so we to make a third and final coat of soletillas and mascarpone.
Finally, we add a thick enough Orange syrup to make it solidify in the refrigerator, where our tiramisu should remain for at least three hours before eating it. Although if you leave it for the next day, you trust us, waiting will be worth the effort. It will be firmer and the flavors will have integrated more templates.
Another alternative of decoration is to Sprinkle cocoa on the tiramisu from Orange, decorate with candied orange wheels, Orange marmalade or cover the cake with melted chocolate of coverage.
If you want to make tiramisu with eggs, you must replace the whipped by two eggs yolks beaten with sugar, make this mixture to water bath, so the yolk will cook and avoid consuming any product infected with bacteria.
After you join to this mix, four clear of eggs on the verge of snow until all the ingredients.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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