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Tips for effective and easy to combat dandruff

Dandruff! ... Is there anything more annoying and unsightly? It is this little torture that removes beauty to our hair, that fills our shoulders of those white remains that draw attention and that shame.
We don't like, it is neither healthy nor aesthetic. Then what can we do to remove it? The first thing we should realize is that, sometimes, the use of many chemicals in our scalp, far from helping us, making the situation worse. More appropriate is to follow natural patterns and less aggressive as possible. You can follow the advice of your dermatologist, but also well come you these simple tips, which are available to all of us. We encourage us to try them?

Tips for effective and easy to combat dandruff hair care get healthy hair long beautiful hair

1-Remedy for dandruff with aloe vera and lemon:

This simple remedy is undoubtedly one of the most effective. But remember, so completely in our scalp dandruff disappears, we must be consistent in the treatment. As well, takes note of how you can help the aloe vera and lemon:
Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal, ideal properties for to eliminate the problem of dandruff. So what we will do is take a spoonful of aloe gel, i.e., translucent pasta from the inside of the plant. Just one 20 grams of this juice.
Once you have it prepared, it starts to make a massage with dry hair. Try to reach the scalp. That all our head is dampened with gel.
We will have a little bit of patience: allow 15 minutes to work.
Now, wash your hair normally with a mild shampoo.
Dries, and have prepared already the juice of one lemon to make a new massage. And why we apply the juice of one lemon? Because it regulates the appearance of dandruff and treats skin of this area of the head very well. Once you've made this soft massage where the juice is well soaked, rinse with warm water. Never hot, since it is much damaged hair!

Tips for effective and easy to combat dandruff hair care get healthy hair long beautiful hair

2-Remedy for dandruff with avocado and Rosemary infusion:

Do you have avocado in house? Super, you need now only to get two sprigs of Rosemary to make a super effective remedy for upset dandruff in the hair. Avocado rises like a great moisturizer rich in essential oils to treat the health of the scalp.
Combined with Rosemary, we will achieve an ideal treatment to eliminate bacteria, to reduce inflammation and regulating the production of this yeast called "Malassezia" which induces the excessive production of dandruff. So, follow these simple guidelines:
Get the half avocado paste. Put it in a bowl and make a paste more finite and manageable with the help of a spoon.
Performs the infusion of Rosemary. Boil 200 ml of water and add two branches of Rosemary. When it comes to a boil, it allows to stand, then mixing it with avocado cream.
You try to be a more or less homogeneous cream.
Now what we will do is apply it to dry hair. Get a 15 minute massage by allowing that this treatment acts on the scalp.
Now rinse with warm water and wash your hair as normal, with a mild shampoo or a conditioner appropriate.

3-Remedy for dandruff with baking soda:

You already know the many benefits of sodium bicarbonate. It is this indispensable product that must always be at home and that will help us in many things. Even to regulate the production of dandruff! It is fabulous. In this case, this treatment with baking soda, it will do so once a week. It dries out some hair and is better not to abuse it.
We will start throwing us warm water on the hair.
Now take a spoonful of bicarbonate (20 grams) in a glass of water. Removes well and then let it fall slowly into your hair.
Get a new massage, thus allowing the bicarbonate is permeating into the scalp. Very easy!
Now, rinse your hair with normal and wash it with a conditioner. If you're consistent, you say goodbye to dandruff in a month.

Tips for effective and easy to combat dandruff hair care get healthy hair long beautiful hair

4-Remedy for dandruff with white vinegar and Mint infusion:

A nice, simple and effective remedy. Mint is another perfect medicinal plant to combat bacteria, fungi or any impurity that may exist on the skin or, in this case, the scalp. Combined with white vinegar, we manage to eliminate dandruff in a short time.
First thing we will do is dilute a tablespoon (20 ml) white vinegar in a glass of water.
We will now take you to the fire, and let fall 5 mint leaves. Get the infusion and allow it to rest.
Once it is warm, we will apply on damp hair, doing a massage, as well as in all of the above options.
When has been well soaked in our hair, wash it with normality. Simple, right?
You can choose the remedy that we want to eliminate dandruff. Ideally, by applying the treatment that more like it or will be easier. But remember, the important thing is to be consistent.
Maintain a healthy and beautiful hair is possible if we follow the following tips. Don't miss them!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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