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How can I lose fat and get in turn muscular strength?

Sure it's happened on more than one occasion: you get lose fat but notes that your muscles look something softer and your skin is sagging. It is something that we do not like and that it is unattractive. What can we do?
Our food is basic to get this needed balance and muscle firmness desired. We will combine it with a proper exercise and small daily efforts that, without a doubt, will allow you to get the figure you want. We take note?

Tips to lose fat and gain some firm muscles!

How can I lose fat and get in turn muscular strength simple tips Supplementary Smoothie Proper Diet plan exercise

1-To keep the metabolism active:

Now let's make a few small changes in our food, things very simple that we will give great results.
To maintain an active metabolism, prevents skip meals. On the contrary, it is advisable to make six meals a day in which does not include large quantities of food. It is always better to eat little many times a day to eat a lot twice over the course of the day.
Start your breakfast with an infusion of cayenne pepper, green tea and honey. It is a great remedy to accelerate the metabolism and that, in addition, you will provide multiple vitamins.
Every four hours you will come in very well take a juice to speed up the metabolism. You have several options: juice PEAR, pineapple and blueberry, grapefruit and Mint juice or juice of carrot and beet (beetroot). Delicious!

2-Yes to the consumption of protein:

Lose weight by eating more protein is not only possible, but also recommended. Our body needs a balanced intake of protein with which obtain energy, strengthen our defenses and get a few bones and muscles strong and firm.
Eating more protein will allow us to burn fat, especially in the abdomen, but it is important for you to consider the following aspects:
Do not overdo eating animal protein. You also have vegetable options very recommendable as, for example, spinach, cabbage, lentils, beans, quinoa, almonds, algae and Spirulina, hummus... Foods that offer us multiple choices at lunchtime.
Your breakfast, for example, it would be highly recommended that you regularly included an egg. If you take it cooked will be much healthier.

How can I lose fat and get in turn muscular strength simple tips Supplementary Smoothie Proper Diet plan exercise

3-Super food that take care of your health and that help us to lose fat:

Occasionally, a diet to lose fat coupled with factors such as work, stress, or lack of sleep, can do that go to suffer a deficit of vitamins and minerals. It's a risk that must not be allowed. That is why many nutritionists recommend that we include in our diet which is known as "super foods", foods rich in nutrients that take care of us, and that will not make us gain weight.
Notes which are:
The oats. The broccoli. The pumpkin. The salmon. The avocado. The grapefruit (grapefruit). The blueberries. The greek yoghurt. The lentils. The turkey breast. Chia seeds. The spinach. The tomatoes. The green tea. Goji berries. The hazelnuts.

4-A bit of aerobic exercise:

You do not need to make great efforts to suffer or to lose fat. To get a few muscles strong we have no more than assume a simple routine in our day to day. Do you want a few simple examples?
Forward your wake up 40 minutes. Take advantage of breakfast properly and then go walking or jogging. Just 20 minutes.
When you're back home, take a warm shower that ends with a stream of cold water in the legs.
At noon, beam 10 abdominal and performs a few simple exercises with weights for 10 minutes.
In the afternoon, or late in the day, take a walk, go to quick step or salt with your bicycle in the company of another person. Swimming is also highly recommended.
If you do these three rounds of exercises, day to day you'll not only lose fat, but tighten up your muscles. It is simply to be aware and be persistent.

How can I lose fat and get in turn muscular strength simple tips Supplementary Smoothie Proper Diet plan exercise

5-Supplementary Smoothie to strengthen muscles:

250 ml of water of oats. 15 G of wheat germ. A bit of cinnamon. 1 Bananas. 3 Almonds. 3 Ice cubes.
It is very simple, tasty and effective. This smoothie is highly recommended to take 3 times per week, half an hour before your lunch. We are going to serve as filling, and will allow us, in turn, reaffirm our muscles. To prepare it simply choose a banana that is not very mature, then peel and cut in three pieces.
Leads to the blender a glass of water of oats, the pieces of banana, the almonds and the tablespoon of wheat germ, and then obtain a homogeneous mixture well. At the time of taking it, includes those ice cubes and a pinch of cinnamon on top. This delicious. Cinnamon and take this smoothie cold will help you to accelerate your metabolism.
Are you ready to put into practice these simple tips? You'll see how in a short time you can lose fat getting some muscles strong.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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