Friday, March 20, 2015

Learn to make two Exfoliating sponges for bathing

What kind of sponge you use normally for your bathroom? You know that the ideal is to use Exfoliating sponges with which remove dead cells and reactivate our circulation. It is part of our ritual of beauty to get smooth and healthy skin.
Do you think if we learn to develop our own Exfoliating sponges? You'll love them!

Learn to make two Exfoliating sponges for bathing Loofah nylon remove dead cells  healthy skin

Benefits of exfoliate your skin during the bath:

It is never more devote an hour a week to enjoy a good scrub and relaxing bath. The hot water steam will open our pores, moment in which we must take to make use of this type of sponges. Do you know why? It targets all these benefits:
Eliminate dead cells. Normally our skin does every 28 days, so it will always be very suitable to enjoy this kind of baths in a way regular, being an essential resource Exfoliating sponges.
If not remove dead cells, we do not allow space for new growth, whereupon, the skin appears with a duller, less healthy tone. Toxins accumulate and we have more risk of acne problems.
If your skin is oily, then you need to exfoliate your skin more frequently.
A good exfoliation fight pimples and blackheads.

1. Exfoliating nylon Sponge:

What do I need?

Half a meter of fabric of nylon (the same that in the image above, is ideal to exfoliate skin)
Needle and nylon thread.
How do I make my nylon sponge?
It's really simple. The biggest difficulty you can have is to find this nylon fabric, but in any specialized store typically it market. You can always take advantage to buy several meters and thus have opportunity to make new sponges when you need them.
The first thing we will do will be to split this half a meter of fabric into three equal pieces. Next, we turn to sew them by the Center to join the three pieces and, at the same time, gather them so that is a kind of rosette. It would simply pass the thread through the Middle, then, stretch and make a knot to secure. Very easy, the final result should be as in the image above.
Use this sponge until you lose consistency and notes that it has lost volume and already not properly exfoliate your skin.

Learn to make two Exfoliating sponges for bathing Loofah nylon remove dead cells  healthy skin

2.Loofah Exfoliating sponge:

How can I make my loofah Exfoliating sponge?

It is one of the best Exfoliating sponges that exist. Loofah sponge is actually a natural sponge originating from a type of plant of the family of cucumbers and squash. To do this, nothing better than to grow them at home, they are very ornamental and every year you can give many sponges.
You can buy your seeds in any natural store. They are easy to grow, and in less than a year, you'll get these original elongated green cucumber-shaped fruits. Once mature, take them out of the ground and leave them to dry for a week.
This past time, you have more to remove the skin and shake them a little to release the seeds that are inside. Save them, they will serve to a new crop! Once you've already stripped this fruit, you'll see how this wonderful and natural sponge to exfoliate your skin emerges.
What do you prefer?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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