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Relaxing self-massage against insomnia

Is the time of going to bed, but we still carry the concerns and tensions of the day, since these hold on us and cause us to stiffness and pain in the back and head, heaviness in the legs, etc.
In this article we give you some massages that you can make yourself easily, or for which your partner makes them you know. In this way you can relax before going to bed and thus prevent insomnia which, in many cases, is due to everything that we carry with us the previous day.

Relaxing self-massage against insomnia!

Relaxing self-massage against insomnia Head shoulders leg Combat stress


Throughout the day, especially if we have a job that requires enough intellectual effort or spend many hours in front of the computer, our head accumulates stress which may cause us pain or pressure. These annoyances tend to much hinder the good night's rest and, sometimes, even we got up in the morning with the same pain.
We suggest you some simple and very pleasant massage to improve circulation and reduce tensions in the head:
Massages all the scalp with the fingers of the hands, making circles and pressing sufficiently and so notice how it moves the leather. We will start from the front and we will be moving up to the nape of the neck. Then do so in a straight line several times, in the same direction.
With the Palm of the hands we massage temples also in circles, without pressing.
We will make light pressure with your fingers around the eyes, starting with the inner part of the eyebrows, directing us toward the outside and turning at the bottom, just above your cheek bone.
We massage the cheeks and jaw, pushing a bit but without pain, we feel as if we were kneading.
We will finish the relaxation of the head doing all kinds of faces for a minute and breathe deeply.

2-The shoulders:

Shoulders are a very symbolic part of the burden we carry: a physical, but also emotional load. For this reason many people have shoulders too forward, backward either elevated toward the ears.
To relax them, just upload and download them about 30 times, taking them up the whole and lowering them until we can no more.
We will then make circles with both shoulders, forward and backward. It is important to not do it too fast, but rather trying to make well-made circles.

Relaxing self-massage against insomnia Head shoulders leg Combat stress

3-The cervical:

The neck also are one of the parts of the body that are more overloaded throughout the day. This tension can hinder blood correctly reach the head, which in the long run, can cause us some health problems.
To relax the neck we will do the following exercises and massages:
Seated, with your back straight but relaxed, we will move the head from one side to the other, slowly. Then, will make it top down, without bringing the head back too.
Finally, with one hand we tie well the back of the neck, which in some cases is so stressed that almost cannot be well separated from the column. Without it slips off us, we'll keep it securely and we will be bringing the Chin towards the chest everything we can. We will notice a great stretch. We will then return to raise the head and release the hand gently. We can repeat this 5 times and you will notice immediate relief.

3-The lumbar ones:

Relaxing the lumbar and back in general, we bust on the floor face up and bring knees towards the chest to embrace them with arms, if possible until you take us to the elbows.
Once we are in that position, we swing gently to one side and to the other, without letting your legs. We are thus relaxing the muscles on both sides of the column. We'll do it for 5 or 10 minutes.
In this article we can see other exercises to relax the back.

Relaxing self-massage against insomnia Head shoulders leg Combat stress


Whether spent many hours sitting and standing, legs suffer much and at the end of the day may be sore or heavy.
To facilitate relaxation and circulation, simply place us on the floor or on a bed, but next to a wall that will allow us to raise the legs completely straight.
In this posture, with hands, we will do a gentle massage from the knee to the English.
Finally, we'll shake your legs to relax them completely.
We can be up to half an hour in this position.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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