Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to make the banana split (banana boat)

The banana split, also known as banana boat, is a dessert classic American cuisine, that with over a century of history-- its origins date back to 1907 - still remains fresh in the memory and palate of everyone.
The banana split very reminiscent of us all that ' 50s wave that triggered the "Vaseline" film and the bar-cafe American style of the 1980s. This dessert was born from the creativity of a young man from Ohio and was popularized by the restaurant chain Walgreens, place which included it on their menu.
The banana split is the combination, without skimping on portions of two slices of banana served in an elongated dish and, among them, large portions of ice cream, chocolate and strawberry, pieces of fruit and nuts, much whipped cream and chocolate, caramel and strawberry topping. Not to mention that the classic banana split is a cherry or cherry on top.
It is a dessert to share. Their portions are large and easily two people can eat and be satisfied.
The banana split has thousands of versions. There are those who make a rich cake of this recipe, which consists in having all the ingredients on a base of crushed cookie or brownie, also have become popular it in bites of banana split, short presentation of a single bite.
Finally, the presentation you decide. Today we will give you the classic, simple and delicious recipe for the banana split.

Ingredients for the banana split:

How to make the banana split (banana boat) American cuisine dessert Chocolate Strawberry ice cream Smoothie Recipe in english

Ingredients for a serving:

A banana
Ice cream ice cream
Chocolate ice cream
Strawberry ice cream
Fresh strawberries, kiwi and peach cut in Macedonia or medium-sized cubes
Pieces of walnuts, almonds and dried fruits that you want
Strawberry Syrup
Chocolate syrup
Caramel syrup
Whipped cream or whipped
Three cherries

Preparation of banana split ice cream:

This is a fairly simple dessert and just assemble and arrange the ingredients in a dish or Cup oval.
Take container where you serve the banana split, cut the banana into two horizontal pieces and place one on each edge of the plate.
With a large spoon to serve ice cream, take a portion of every flavor of ice cream and arrange it over the plate, between the two pieces of banana.
Sprinkle the fruit cut into medium cubes on the edges of the plate and the balls of ice cream.
Assemble the cream with a bit of powdered sugar. Put three to five tablespoons of this sugar.
It then serves the whipped cream or whipped cream on each of the portions of ice cream, making a similar to the one of the cupcakes decorated.
Add syrup on the banana split lines, add the pieces of dried fruit.
Finally, place the cherry or cherry in syrup on top of our dessert and... to eat and share!
The pieces of banana can also caramelize them and serve them hot to make contrast with ice cream.

How to make the banana split (banana boat) American cuisine dessert Chocolate Strawberry ice cream Smoothie Recipe in english

Banana split Smoothie:

The banana split can also be a fairly nutritious drink that you can consume in the mornings to supplement breakfast or after a long workout or race.
How to prepare it? In a blender add the banana and unites with yogurt ice cream low calorie or yogurt, Add strawberries, peach, honey and a few ice cubes.
In a glass or Cup where you previously placed chocolate and Strawberry Syrup served smoothie and garnish with pieces of walnuts and cherry.
We encourage you to perform some of these easy and tasty versions of the banana split.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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