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See the 10 best essential oils: essential!

How many essential oils in your home? How do you use them often? As you know, are a wonderful choice to many of our creams and beauty treatments, they are cheaper and we offer multiple possibilities.
Problems of acne, scars, dry skin, stretch marks, relaxing… The essential oils are the ideal choice and effective for many everyday problems of health and beauty, All that we should have in your home. That is why today we want features huge which are the best, those that are easily found in natural stores or specialized perfumeries. How do we note?

See the 10 best essential oils Acne and its scars dry skin beauty treatments stretch marks  preventing wrinkles

1-The top 10 essential oils:

First of all we have to give you an important fact: So that essential oil is truly effective, you must always acquire it in its purest form, extracted straight from the plant. Important also that its production has been ecological, free neither of pesticides nor fertilizers that alter its purity and its natural properties.
Also remember that you must keep them always in cool places, and in dark glass bottles. Now let's see the list of what are the most beneficial:

1. The coconut oil:

It is wonderful, ideal for cosmetics and aromatherapy. Do You Want to know everything that you can do for you?
Perfect for dealing with problems of acne or its scars.
It acts as an excellent antibacterial, perfect to prevent fungus, or any type of infection.
It is a great tonic.
It protects and softens the skin and hair (great if you use it as a hair mask).
It is very effective for damaged hair and dry skin.

2. Marigold oil:

Suitable for people with psoriasis, dermatitis and skin marks.
Calendula oil is very useful for young children or people with very sensitive skin.
Do you usually have varicose veins? Are you that usually suffer from allergic reaction or skin irritation? Then you go this oil very well.
It is perfect to Dim the spots that we come out of the Sun.

3. Tea Tree Oil:

It is essential to have the tea tree oil at home do you know why? By its antibacterial and disinfectant power.
It is perfect to cure and dry pimples that we leave on the face caused by acne or allergic reactions.
Very suitable for heal any wound or scratch.
Convenient to combat the annoying lice.

4. Sweet Almond Oil:

It is one of the best essential oils and the most commonly used in aromatherapy. It is ideal for all skin types, both for the drier as the most sensitive.
Almond oil is very rich in minerals and vitamins, softens the skin and the cure, so it's perfect to treat wounds, burns, cracks, scars…
It is a good Moisturizer, ideal to apply ourselves in the body after showering.

5. Argan oil:

The Argan oil is a little more expensive, it is true, but that small investment certainly deserves the death penalty, given the great benefits that provides us with, especially if our skin is already a little more mature.
It is a wonderful antioxidant, prevents aging of the tissues and fight very effectively the free radicals.
Argan oil has 50 times more vitamin E than olive oil.Amazing!
Provides elasticity, tone and youth to the skin.

See the 10 best essential oils Acne and its scars dry skin beauty treatments stretch marks  preventing wrinkles

6. Rose hip oil:

It is one of the most widely used today thanks to its essential fatty acids, perfect to nourish and regenerate the skin.
If you have stretch marks or scars, do not hesitate to apply a bit of rosehip oil every day. You'll see how every day, they go smoothly.
It prevents the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks.
It is very useful to treat acne.

7. St. John's wort oil:

Do you know the benefits of St. John's wort oil? It is well known for its action relaxing, ideal to reduce stress and help us fall asleep.
This plant has hypericin, a type of enzyme that helps us to reduce the amount of adrenaline and, therefore, to relax.
To benefit from this oil, just make us a little massage on the wrists, chest and neck. You'll see how well makes it you feel.

8. Jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil has as main benefit its high percentage of ceramides. Do you know what they are used for these natural elements? To ensure that our cells are united and, therefore, that the skin is elastic and hydrated. It is fantastic!
Jojoba oil is very effectively with problems of acne, excess grease or glare.
Also note that is very rich in vitamin E, perfect for preventing premature aging of the skin.

9. Lavender oil:

Do You Have lavender oil at home? It is really practical, perfect to soften scars from acne and heal wounds or even burns.
It is also ideal for preventing wrinkles.
One of the best benefits is to help us sleep. Do you know how? Putting two drops on your pillow. You see how you relax!

See the 10 best essential oils Acne and its scars dry skin beauty treatments stretch marks  preventing wrinkles

10. Wheat germ oil:

Wheat germ is an excellent antioxidant and nutritional, perfect for skins or mature or very damaged by the Sun. Its properties come from multiple minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins, ideal to reduce wrinkles and get a skin more elastic. gives very good results, do not hesitate to try it!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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