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Easy to make at home cellulite treatments

Easy to make at home cellulite treatment

Do not resign yourself to have cellulite, as it can be removed. You don't need to spend excessive sums on expensive products that emptied your pocket. No, that is not necessary, since there are many natural remedies that can help you in your efforts to improve your physical appearance.
Below we will explain everything you need to prepare home remedies that will help you to fight cellulite. It is necessary for you to remember something very important: A prerequisite so you can achieve greater efficiency in the use of these natural products is that you carry out a proper exfoliation of your skin before applying them.
Make Exfoliating massage frequently in the area affected by cellulite help to move the fat accumulated under your skin and, with it, all toxic substances that are in that area. In this way they become blood, so that the body can eliminate them properly.
Conclusion: The home remedies to fight cellulite must always be complemented with exfoliating massage.

Exfoliating massage Easy to make at home cellulite treatments Step by step

1-First step: exfoliation  massage :

Simple. Takes a bit of olive or sunflower oil and apply it all over your body. Leave on for 15 minutes and then takes a shower, preferably with water as hot as you can bear (if you have problems of varicose veins, then use only warm water). Then, wash well with a mild soap and a sponge or natural bristle brush the entire area affected by cellulite.
This Exfoliating treatment you can remove all the dead skin cells and you better open the pores. In this way, the remedies you use against cellulite may penetrate better in your body. Remember that whenever you exfoliates the skin, you should moisturize it at the end, preferably with re-generators such as olive or rose hip oil.

2-Second step (option 1): lemon and olive oil:

Peel several lemons, put the shells in a jar and cover with olive oil. Close the jar and let it marinate in a cool, dark place for one week (the bottle where you store this mixture must be previously sterilized to prevent possible contamination of the preparation that you just do with traces of other substances).
Last week you can open the bottle, strain the preparation and dilute it in olive oil, always keeping in mind that the amounts are similar.
Remember that the lemon should be diluted because it has strong astringent properties, is very caustic and may affect your skin. In addition, you must use it at night, because citrus oils are photo sensitizing and can cause you skin burns after using it you are directly exposed to sunlight.

3-Second step (option 2): avocado seeds:

Another macerated for use is the avocado. For its short preparation four seeded avocado into small pieces. Keep in mind that the smaller the merrier. Remember that avocado seeds are hard and you must cut them in well small pieces to avoid breaking the processing machine. In the event that you don't have this equipment at home, you can use a grater.
Then puts the seeds crushed in a jar and slowly add the olive oil, almond or sunflower, which you prefer and have more hand. Cover the preparation and let stand for three days in a place that is preferably dark and cool. When you have passed this time, get it where you've been keeping it and put it in the refrigerator to avoid rust.

Exfoliating massage Easy to make at home cellulite treatments Step by step

3-Third step:

The final step is to apply these preparations on the skin for a few minutes and repeat this treatment frequently, at least once a week.
With these two remedies that we have shared with you already have in your hands a very valuable information that will help you greatly improve the current appearance that has your body. Cellulite can fight this way, only need to take the first step today.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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