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Homemade creams for the health of your nails and cuticles

You must never neglect the health of cuticles. If you are healthy, you will avoid infections, inflammations, and any kind of problem that prevents the correct growth of the nails.
You already know that in the market there are numerous treatments for them, but we assure you that we can develop ourselves at home with fabulous creams which treat the cuticles to get nails strong and truly lovely. Are you ready to make them today?

Homemade creams for the health of your nails and cuticles growth of nail Healthy and strong nails

1-Cream fabric softener to the cuticles:

How can I make it?
Why do we need to soften the cuticles? It is worth to note that the fact of care and soften cuticles will promote proper blood circulation, thus stimulating its growth to get nails to look strong and resilient.
Thus, we recommend first soften them with this type of cream, then, push the cuticle back carefully with an orange stick. Very easy. But now let's see how to make this first cream.
15 ml of cocoa or Shea butter.
10 ml of Glycerin.
10 ml of almond oil.
You can find the three ingredients in natural stores or specialized perfumeries. It is worth always have them at home, because it will give us the opportunity to develop many types of homemade beauty treatments.
You don't have to mix everything well. First melt if need cocoa butter. Once you are more or less liquid and warm, add glycerin and almond oil.
But how should I apply it on my cuticles? With a cotton bud, by a massage in circular on each cuticle. A daily routine that will get you very well to promote the growth of the nails and soften the cuticle.

Homemade creams for the health of your nails and cuticles growth of nail Healthy and strong nails

2-Cream to stimulate the growth of the nail:

How can I make it?
Through this simple treatment we are going to nourish the nail root, to strengthen its structure and to stimulate its movement through the health of the cuticle. We will use items that you will be easy to achieve. Notes:
10 ml of castor oil.
2 drops of vitamin E.
10 ml of Glycerin.
I'm sure you've heard on numerous occasions of the great benefits of castor oil for the health of our nails or our tabs. It is a tonic reactivating and an excellent nutrient. For its part, the vitamin E you can find it in capsules in pharmacies. Because you may have many applications, it is also worth always keep it at home.
To prepare this cream only need a small container where include the prepared. It is enough to mix well all the elements that we've indicated to be a homogeneous paste. You won't have more to do a small massage with a good cotton soaked in your nails and your cuticles. You don't have to wash your hands: allows you to act. You can repeat it every day.

3-Simple nutrient for nails and cuticles:

How can I make it?
This treatment is so simple to develop as effective. Takes note of what we need. We are confident that you will love:
20 ml of natural pineapple juice.
The yolk of an egg.
20 ml of olive oil.
Why are we going to use egg yolk? Basically because it is very rich in lecithin, which allows us to tone up the cuticles. In addition, its fatty acids allow us to keep the nails well hydrated.
Furthermore, olive oil acts as a good moisturizer and conditioner capable of providing an excellent natural luster. This, combined with pineapple juice allows us to nourish our fingernails in a super efectivo way. How to resist?
You do not have more than these elements in a small bowl and thoroughly mix and apply with a cotton bud this simple remedy. Given a small massage, just like in the previous options. Easy, effective, and very nice to try.

Homemade creams for the health of your nails and cuticles growth of nail Healthy and strong nails

4-Treatment before going to bed:

How can I make it?
It's a simple bathroom where to dip the tips of the fingers. In that way, we will succeed in feeding our nails and cuticles. The elements that we use are as follows:
20 ml of castor oil.
20 ml of almond oil.
20 ml of tea tree oil.
10 ml of lemon juice.
As you can see it is a small "cocktail" of essential oils combined with a bit of lemon juice. With this ideal treatment, we will achieve to cover each and every one of the needs of the cuticles and nails. We will nurture them and will protect them from any kind of infection. This last will be in charge of all the tea tree oil.
You can find it again in natural stores or specialized perfumeries. They are not expensive oils and, as you say, they can serve you for many other things. In the case of the tea tree oil, you can develop antibacterial gels for very useful hands.
But how do we then prepare this treatment? Easy. Looking for a small bowl as which you see in the image and mix there ingredients. Then, you don't have to dip the tips of your fingers for 10 minutes. Passed this time, dry and your treatment for nails and cuticles have already ready before going to sleep. Very useful!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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