Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Easy tips to lose weight before going to sleep

Is it possible to lose weight even before going to sleep? Since then. Our metabolism is always in operation, so that we can always implement simple strategies to keep it active.
We must bear in mind that the last part of the day continues to be very important when it comes to losing weight, so therefore, it is worthwhile to keep in mind certain guidelines.
Today, in our space we want to teach you how you can continue to lose weight just before going to sleep.

5 Easy tips to lose weight before going to sleep Sleep 8 hours Half an hour walk importance of lightweight dinner

1-The importance of dinner:

There are many people who decide to skip the dinner thinking that, in this way, will achieve weight loss more easily. It is an error. The no evening meal will be spending about 10 hours in which our organism will not receive any nutrients. As a result, two things can happen: the first and most serious, don't feed us properly. The second, that our metabolism becomes slower.
Solution? It is important that you read, and you do it following these recommendations:
You will have dinner two hours before going to sleep.

The dinner should be lightweight.

Sure, you've heard it is important to dine "low and balanced". There are some who heard this falls into the classic trap of only prepare a salad. It is not suitable. Ideally, our dinners contain proteins, fibers, rich vitamins and even carbohydrates.
You must be careful with precisely the salads, since, in these last hours of the day, do not tend to be very digestive. The vegetable soups are very appropriate. Could you give us an example? Pumpkin soup with cinnamon, or soup of zucchini, garlic or oats. It Delicious! You can combine them with a bit of salmon.

2-Half an hour walk:

It is not going for a run and get tired. The only thing that we seek is relax and continue to maintain our active metabolism. For this reason, it is very rewarding, for example, go for a walk with your pet or with another person to accompany you. Walk at a rapid pace while you breathe deeply.
This walk at the last hour of the day is going to allow to liberate also tensions to us and play problems down. Since you know already, the stress is also an enemy for our health and our weight. If we get accustomed to doing this daily walk at the last hour of the day, we will obtain a pleasant relaxation moment in spite of which relieving tensions and seeing the things otherwise.
You will come to relaxed house. Do not hesitate to prove it!

5 Easy tips to lose weight before going to sleep Sleep 8 hours Half an hour walk importance of lightweight dinner

3-The benefits of a detox bath:

After going for a walk, it is perfect to take a warm shower relaxing good. Once a week, for example, it would be advisable to prepare a bath for us desintoxicante. Well it is true that we spend a little more of water, but the benefits that it brings us are very important:
We liberate toxins.
We nourish to our skin of vitamins and minerals.
We feel renewed and reactivate energies.
This type of bath, to release toxins, swelling us, and so we, allows us to also finish very properly day, helping us in our process of weight loss. To do this, add to your bath 100 grams of sodium bicarbonate, 5 drops of lavender essential oil, 100 grams of sea salt and a tablespoon of grated ginger. Immerse yourself half an hour... and relax!

4-herbal teas for weight loss at the last moment of the day:

There are delicious natural teas that we can take before going to sleep. We will help burn fat, get adequate vitamins and, likewise, to relax. Notes:
Blueberry tea: reduces the level of glucose in blood and allows us to relax properly.
Oolong tea: this famous oriental infusion is well known for its benefits to allow us to lose weight, has an attractive blue color and is delicious.
Infusion of star anise: If we take it late in the day will allow us to have a more relaxed sleep, at the same time that we will succeed in removing more fats that have ingested during the dinner.
Roses tea: Exquisite. According to the Journal of Food Science, the roses tea is richer in antirust that the green tea, has not caffeine and is ideal to take in the nights. It helps us to fight the constipation and avoids the classic abdominal inflammation.

5 Easy tips to lose weight before going to sleep Sleep 8 hours Half an hour walk importance of lightweight dinner

5-Prepare for a good sleep:

Sleep properly also will allow us to lose weight. Surprised? So. During the night, our lymphatic system carries out important tasks of depuration of toxins. Otherwise, we retain in our body harmful elements that inflame us and preventing us to lose weight in a healthy way.
To achieve a restful sleep more appropriate, it is necessary that our room is 20º C and 24º C. It is always better that the temperatures are temperate. At the time that exceeds these limits, The dream is no longer so appropriate. Remember to close down your electronic devices two hours before going to bed. In this way we avoid over excitation of their magnetic waves. Resorts with a good book and let the dream wrap with warmth.
As you can see they are simple tips that will enable us to better care for our health and to lose weight in a proper manner.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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