Thursday, April 2, 2015

Burn fat? With these cold drinks it is possible!

There are many people who do not know this interesting fact: cold drinks consume more calories during our digestion. If this were not enough, also allows us to speed up the metabolism to burn fat. An easy and simple remedy that we invite you to know.

Burn fat? With these cold drinks it is possible calories loss weight get slim flat belly

1 why the cold water allows me to burn fat?

We know that in winter it costs a little drinking cold things. However, I wouldn't be too bad to include in our diet, at least, two daily glasses of cold water. If we combine them with rich and healthy ingredients you will allow us undoubtedly go to losing weight. We explain why.
One of the most relevant studies was published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. In this work we were told that at least two glasses per day of cold water accelerated metabolism much as 30%. Excellent!
Cold water allows us to burn more calories during our digestion.
Drinking cold water before or after our meals will allow us to burn fat. Obviously this is a complement, provided good care for our food, and avoid fats, sugars, refined flours...
If in addition we accompany this cold water with healthy and tasty items that will also help us to lose weight, become a fabulous remedy.
You already know that there are times, when we look in the mirror, not just like us. Lose weight in a more healthy way is possible if and when we do well, obtaining nutrients, by doing some exercise and, as not, adding these simple remedies that we offer you in our space.
2 drinks for burning fat:
1. strawberry iced tea
What do I need and how I do?
5 strawberries.
A glass of water.
This type of cold drinks are simply delicious. Strawberries are common in many diets. For what reason? They have fiber, antioxidants, they contain very little sugar, regulate our cholesterol and prevent inflammations. They are magnificent. To make this iced tea only, you have to follow the steps you follow the instructions:
It passes through the mixer clean strawberries.
Add the cup of water.
Once you've obtained a good smooth drink, put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
You can drink this cold tea half an hour before or after your lunch. In addition, it also helps make the digestion.

Burn fat? With these cold drinks it is possible calories loss weight get slim flat belly

2. Cold Tea yerba mate:

What do I need and how I do?
Yerba mate tea.
A bit of lemon juice.
A glass of water.
As simple as healthy fat burning. You don't have to produce tea of yerba mate in the traditional way. Once ready, take it to the refrigerator 20 minutes.Once again, remember that you can drink it before or after your meal. If you add a little lemon juice you potenciarĂ¡s their properties. It is ideal.
3. cold beverage of pineapple and green tea
What do I need and how I do?
Two slices of pineapple.
A bag of green tea.
A glass of water.
It is very easy and delicious! Without a doubt, one of the best cold drinks. You can start doing the infusion of green tea. Once listed, the reserves. After, the two blend pineapple slices together with half a glass of water. What will we do then? Mixing green tea with the pineapple juice. If you wish, you can add a little honey. This leads to the refrigerator and drink before your meals.
4. Blue tea drink, cinnamon and pepper
What do I need and how I do?
A bag of blue tea or oolong tea.
A remotely of powdered cinnamon.
A remotely of cayenne pepper - very little.
A sweetener, that you like.
We can easily find the blue tea or oolong at natural stores. It is not expensive and is best suited for weight loss. The first thing we will do will be infused with all the ingredients. Remember that we will only add a little cayenne pepper remotely. You can get everything to a boil and sit 10 minutes. It then carries this drink cooler. We shall be very well if we take it before or after dinner. It speeds up the metabolism, allows us to digestion, and although you'll be surprised, the flavor is very acceptable.

Burn fat? With these cold drinks it is possible calories loss weight get slim flat belly

5-Drink watermelon and Mint:

What do I need and how I do?
Two slices of watermelon.
An infusion of Mint.
Half a glass of water.
It is tasty, healthy and very suitable for weight loss. If you ready to take this cold drink in the morning you'll be fine. It is hydrating, provides the appropriate vitamins and plenty of water, which has beneficial properties. To prepare you have no more to start doing the infusion of mint. Then blend the two slices of watermelon. When mix well the two parties, i.e. the watermelon juice and infusion of mint, leads the drink to the refrigerator. When this cold , buy it with a good healthy breakfast. You'll see how, little by little, these delicious cold drinks let you burn fat. Did you try?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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