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6 Tips to prevent premature wrinkles

Between twenty and the thirty usually appear the first wrinkles on the face: on the front, under the eyes, on the lips, on the sides, etc. They begin quietly but it is hard to accept that the first wrinkles, are leaving us especially since we are still young.
In this article, we share the fundamental tips to prevent and combat the first wrinkles, to look younger and radiant face longer.

6 Tips to prevent premature wrinkles Massage your face Make funny faces Protect yourself from the Sun Hydrate yourself

1-Massage your face:

Our face undergoes daily tensions, result of stress, overwork, the concerns, the trouble, discussions, etc. In the same way that we are suffering from back spasms and pains in joints, also our face muscles become rigid. This, ultimately, causes the appearance of the first wrinkles. For example, who often frowns might appear premature wrinkle at brow. That is why it is important to realize these gestures do usually to stop doing them.
But if not we have realized, every night we have a self-massage on the face and neck, gently but firmly:
Flattening of the forehead
Massage around the eyes with soft
The tip of the nose
Lips, and also over and under
Circles on the cheeks

2-Make funny faces:

Another way to avoid wrinkles that appear because of the gestures that we repeat every day is precisely to spend a few moments at different times of the day, just when we notice those gestures or other stresses on the face (eyes, jaw, etc.), to carry out all kinds of faces. Just take a couple of minutes you are going to the service to do as if we were children, and made to face all the faces that happen to us.

For example:

Open and move your mouth, removing the language
Open and close your eyes, look on all sides
Swollen cheeks
Moving the tongue on the inside of the mouth
Move nose
Wrinkling and relax forehead
Far from making us wrinkles, this simple and fun exercise will relax us face immediately. It will even look relaxed and rosy at the moment.

6 Tips to prevent premature wrinkles Massage your face Make funny faces Protect yourself from the Sun Hydrate yourself

3-Nourish yourself with oils:

Wrinkles appear in undernourished skins, which are missing vitamins and minerals. Although these will certainly with good nutrition, from the outside we can also provide many nutrients by applying the moisturizing more natural and effective that we have: vegetable oils. According to our skin we will choose one or the other. We recommend some of the most known:
For oily skins: coconut oil
For combination skin: jojoba oil
For skins dried and ripe: Rosehip Oil
We can take advantage and give us the facial massage that we mentioned with these oils, so that the skin absorb them well and pass completely relax your face.

4-Protect yourself from the Sun:

The first or last time Sun, taken moments, is very beneficial for our skin and our health in general. The problem is that we tend to take it aggressively, at times more radiation and too much time then. In these cases we will always protect your face with a hat and adequate sun protection.
The skins that have abused the Sun have a Tan that is not nice and also tend to be dull, devitalised.

5-Hydrate yourself:

Skin also becomes dehydrated, and in fact is one of the things that we notice more if we drink more or less water. The ideal would be to drink a liter and a half and two liters of water daily, but always outside meals, since but does not count and could also hinder the digestion.
If we do so we can notice big changes in a short time.

6 Tips to prevent premature wrinkles Massage your face Make funny faces Protect yourself from the Sun Hydrate yourself

6-Take care of yourself on the inside:

Finally, the most important thing: the food. The food which nourishes our skin from the inside, even if we use all kinds of expensive cosmetics.
First of all there are foods that desnutren us and should be reduced as much as possible:
Sugars and sweeteners
Fried foods and refined oils
Refined flour
Artificial additives
Red meat and sausages
On the other hand, we will increase the consumption of these foods:
First cold-pressed vegetable oils: olive, coconut, flax, wheat germ, sesame.
Raw fruits and vegetables, (salads and juices) and cooked
Whole grain cereal
Nuts and seeds
Meat, fish and eggs of good quality
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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