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Are you women and 40? Learn all about weight loss

As the years go by, it is more difficult to lose weight, by more than who realize diets or exercise is. Are you women and 40? Learn all about losing weight in the following article and say goodbye to the kilos more than once and forever.
Fight body fat tends to be a rather difficult task at any age, however, it is harder still for women who have completed the forty years now. Body will respond differently to diet and exercise, reduce your calories burned and also the power as to make activities more committed or that require further efforts.

Are you women and 40? Learn all about weight loss Eat healthfully natural supplements Exercising properly

1-Tips to lose weight after age 40:

Keep in mind these tips and advice that will help you lose weight if you have already passed age 40 (indicated for women):
Convince you that it is possible
It is difficult, of course, but not impossible. One of the major limitations that we can find at the time of wanting to lose weight is not achieving results in the short or medium term. Do not despair, that the benefits will take time to be noticeable, but they will arrive.
Some women think that already not worth doing diet or exercise because there will be no positive effect, but they are wrong. If you can lose weight, you will feel much better and reduce the chances of suffering heart problems if you start to eat more healthfully.

Exercising properly:

You no longer have the age as for a ultra energy session of spinning or climbing a mountain. No problem. The good news is that there are almost as many exercises as people or needs in the world. It is important to then choose from that fit our requirements, either by age or physical texture.
Movements must be pleasant and you should pass it wonders, nothing must go because that will not help you, but quite the opposite. Start with 30 minutes three times a week and gradually add more time. Go cycling, walking or out walking your dog.

Respecting the hours of meals:

Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day and you must down intakes up to a light dinner. It is recommended to make four main meals and two secondary, average morning and mid afternoon. So you will not be hungry and the body will do the job of reducing calories for digestion. Be careful with what you eat, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables (as much as possible raw) and leave out fried foods, sugars and fats.
Remember that alcohol is not good for your health. A good formula to find out how many calories you should eat is: multiply your weight in pounds X 10 If you do not exercise, X 13 if you do exercise once or twice a week and X 15 if you exercise more than three times a week.

Are you women and 40? Learn all about weight loss Eat healthfully natural supplements Exercising properly

You prefer natural supplements:

You must know that after 40 the amount of collagen that your body produces is minor, almost 50% less. This can affect your body, not only in what refers to the skin. The deficit of collagen weakens the bones and joints. Consumes natural supplements which, in turn, will help you to combat stretch marks, cellulite and sagging.

Keep in mind the basal metabolic rate:

This is the amount of calories that your body needs for both increasing and to maintain or reduce your weight. This number varies in relation to sex, age, hormones, among other factors. You can use a calculator of basal metabolic rate (there are several on the Internet, but consultation with your doctor). Will tell you how many calories are you must consume in order to be able to lose weight, always taking into account your age greater than 40 years.

Eat healthfully:

Do not hesitate to eat foods that are healthy and good for your health, such as water with lemon, flax seeds, fibers in the breakfast, cinnamon, almonds, salmon, whole grains, green leafy vegetables and red fruits. You must always respect the daily amounts.

Sleeping enough:

This is essential at any age, however, passing the 4 decades must be enough rest to recover from the activities carried out in the day. There is a number of precise hours, but they may not be less than 6. Either you go to the other end and sleep more than 8 hours at a time.
Lack both sleep excess fattening. Why? Because in the first case, more amounts of a hormone called cortisol (known as the "stress hormone"), which makes you eat more. In the second, because without exercise or move when you sleep, you'll be accumulating in the body everything you ate.

Are you women and 40? Learn all about weight loss Eat healthfully natural supplements Exercising properly

Performs a health check:

Also if you can't lose weight but eat healthy, exercise and don't sleep enough, perhaps the problem is due to metabolic problems, such as can be dysfunctions of the thyroid, for example. Many women suffer from hypothyroidism and do not know. This pathology slows down the metabolic rate and allows not only lose weight, but in some cases the increases. Other symptoms that you have thyroid problems are: chronic fatigue, circulation problems or cold in the extremities.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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