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Raspberry and green tea against cellulite

The combination of these two healthy, delicious food hides a secret. Both help fight cellulite if we consume them regularly.
In this article you will learn why and how you can consume them to avail of their properties, as well as some simple tips to enhance their effects and a surprising and exotic recipe that you'll love.

Raspberry and green tea against cellulite ketones Delicious drinks Juice exercise on a daily basis


Cellulite is based on the formation of nodules of fat, liquid and toxins under the skin in different parts of the body, especially in the thighs, buttocks, calves, arms and abdomen. The appearance offering is an irregular skin forming dimples that are unsightly.

2-Green tea:

Green tea is ideal to combat excess weight, overall since it speeds up the metabolism, which helps burn fat and eliminates excess fluids. And as it also has anti-inflammatory properties and cellulite behaves also inflammation, green tea is presented as a comprehensive remedy to combat cellulite.
We recommend you to choose a green tea quality and to be possible that is organic, to make sure that does not contain pesticides or other toxic substances. To prepare, we put a teaspoon of green tea in a glass of boiling water and let sit for two to four minutes.
What sweeten with a little stevia and we can add a squirt of lemon juice, which also helps us to dissolve the fat. We will take two daily infusions, preferably a fasting and the other in the middle of the afternoon. We can also opt to take it in extract or tablets.

Raspberry and green tea against cellulite ketones Delicious drinks Juice exercise on a daily basis


This delicious red fruit has some properties similar to the green tea, thanks to its content of ketones, a nutrient that increases the basal metabolic rate and fat burning. In addition, ketones also eliminates the sensation of hunger and help us to avoid those moments in which we eat too much or do it for anxiety, and that it is often precisely when we choose the foods that cause more cellulite.
The most natural way to benefit from these properties would be eating fresh raspberries, but in this case it is not so easy or accessible as green tea, so we recommend that you opt for a natural supplement that contains this ingredient.
In addition, we include raspberries in our diet whenever we can.

4-Original drink:

We propose to prepare a very exotic drink and original combining precisely these two ingredients, especially suitable for hot days in which we also suffer heaviness by fluid retention.
We will prepare half a liter of green tea as we have indicated previously and leave to cool in the fridge.
We add also the juice of lemon and stevia to sweeten and then beat it together with 100 grams of fresh raspberries (in some supermarkets sell them also frozen or freeze-dried).
If we want to introduce this drink as a healthy snack, we can continue beating it with some ice, to serve it as if it were a Granita.
We will decorate it with a raspberry at the edge of the Cup.

Raspberry and green tea against cellulite ketones Delicious drinks Juice exercise on a daily basis

General tips:

In addition to regularly consume green tea and raspberry, we recommend to follow the following tips to make for a more complete and effective treatment:
Avoid foods that contribute to cause cellulite: white sugar, salt, refined, fried foods, refined foods (not comprehensive), food waste and alcoholic beverages
We will make sport between two and three times per week. Some of the best sports are hiking or swimming. If we have no possibility of going to the gym we can try to do exercise on a daily basis, going walk places, climbing up and down stairs, etc.
We shower off we always avoiding hot water. You can use warm water and at the end shower us with cold water, which will improve our movement and our skin's appearance.
Every day we will make us circular areas with cellulite massage, using a special cream. We especially recommend products based on birch or gotu Kola, or even some that contain raspberry or green tea also.
Avoid constipation, which always worsen the appearance of cellulite.
You should always avoid bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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