Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to stop biting you fingernails?

People who bite the nails may have tried again and again leave this so unpleasant habit, not only for aesthetic reasons but because in the long run it can distort our fingers, cause us mandibular stress, weaken our fingernails, etc.
In this article you will learn how can avoid biting you nails by following these tips and with a little patience and perseverance.

How to stop biting you fingernails?Combats anxiety Exercise Nail Polish Healthy and strong nails Repair nails

1-Combats anxiety:

Most importantly when it comes to stop biting us nails is to combat the anxiety that is, in the majority of cases, that causes us to have this need. In the same way that other people smoke or eat compulsively, we have found this way of escape through the nail.
And how we combat the anxiety?
In moments of anxiety, we have a nerve disorder that affects our whole body. Perhaps also accelerates us the heart, we have muscle tension, we suffer a sweating, feel irritable, etc. Everyone suffers and controls it in their own way, but there are some tips that can come in very useful in these cases:
Exercise: and in the moments of more anxiety will choose even to intense exercise.
Take a deep breath, close your eyes and try to avoid all kinds of thoughts.
Eat healthy foods that help us balance the nervous system: oats, yeast of beer, spirulina, dried fruits, fruit, etc.
Carry out an artistic activity: sing, dance, draw... There are some theories that even the Act of biting your nails with the lack of expression of own creativity.
Take a relaxing infusion passion flower, lemon balm or tila.
Follow these tips regularly and especially when we notice that a peak of anxiety nears. Over time, if we look closely, we can detect if it happens at certain times, places or well with some people in particular.

How to stop biting you fingernails?Combats anxiety Exercise Nail Polish Healthy and strong nails Repair nails

2-Discover your emotions:

In terms of emotions, which always play a key role in any health problem, we must know that fingernails have been linked to aggression, since they would symbolically represent claws. That is, a way of attacking.
According to this theory, people who bite the nails are concealing a feeling of rage, so are people that are usually not angry but that, however, are on the inside.
It is important that we take conscience of this perspective to treat it naturally with the help, for example, from the flowers of Bach. There is two Bach flowers that we can be very useful:
Holly: For the anger feeling.
Agrimony: help us to express the feelings we have blocked.

3-Keep your hands full:

Sure that you tend to bite the nails in some moments in particular, and perhaps they are most common when you are not using your hands. So we get used to having your hands full.
You can use stress balls, massage games or any kind of craft.
If in addition it is also cold we can opt to get gloves, so the temptation will be lower.

4-Use Nail Polish:

In pharmacies we can find for years a few special glazes so that we bite us nails due to the fact that they have a strong bitter taste. Actually, if we want we will surely bite will do this also, but this glaze will be a reminder and will hinder a little bad habit.

How to stop biting you fingernails?Combats anxiety Exercise Nail Polish Healthy and strong nails Repair nails

5-Do your nails:

Like all have beautiful nails. We might not like too manicured fingernails, but yes they are maintained, and that those who bite the nails hard look hands or allow others to do so.
We encourage you to put a challenge. Suggest you yourself a date, for example for a week. If you manage to overcome it without biting you your nails, you will then go to fix them. But still you can get you many things, you can at least stop that they beautify them yourself and paint them you a discreet color, by what then still will cost you more bite to them.
If you succeed, you can then suggest another week. If you arrive in two weeks, perhaps you would like to try a more eye-catching color. And at three weeks, why don't you try a French manicure? You can get it!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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