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Food for look more beautiful skin and hair

If you want to have a skin and hair of the models from magazines or Hollywood celebrities. If you want to see you radiant for your wedding, graduation or date, if you are tired that your hair is opaque and the face loses each time more elasticity and youth, then, we hesitate to read the following article. You know what are the best foods to look more beautiful skin and hair.

Food for look more beautiful skin and hair dull, oily, acne or spots wrinkles hair fall

1-Foods for healthy skin:

What you eat may be causing your skin look dull, oily, acne or spots, ultimately, less healthy. Some foods have the ability to favorably alter the imperfections that may appear. If you change your diet and start eating healthier, sure you notice it on your skin soon.


This fruit is one of the best defenses that has the dermis to remove toxins. This is because you have an antioxidant called lycopene which protects the skin damage that can lead to exposure to the Sun's rays (and not only internally,) since if you put slices of tomato in the burned skin, they will be absorbing heat. To take advantage of its properties, it is necessary to consume fresh and natural.


It has components to produce and stimulate the growth of the enzymes responsible for protecting the skin and improve it. Skin that is treated with extract of broccoli and then exposed to the rays of the Sun had almost 40% less swelling or redness.

Semi-sweet chocolate:

Eat chocolate with lots of cocoa and less milk and fats has several effects, not only for the skin, but also for the courage and ability to perform better. In the case of the aesthetic, we can say that this sweet softens and improves appearance, since it contains different substances with the ability to reduce premature aging, fatigue and sleep problems.

Red meat:

If you consume them without fat and cooked (not fried), you can take advantage of its benefits on the skin. It is that red meat contains different substances, such as proteins or zinc dealing more effectively than any other antibiotic acne. They also provide amino acids, glycine and proline. All these compounds produce more collagen which helps to improve the general condition of the skin, especially for inflammation. You can also find them in the fish, cottage cheese, lentils and the black beans.

Olive oil and flax seeds:

In both cases, they have acid ala linoleic, fatty acid Omega 3 of the olive oil and flax seeds. They will help you combat the dryness of the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And in the case of olive oil, can be used topically to eliminate the dryness of the skin and prevent the spread of dander, for example.


Certain types of fish have nutrients that may protect cells in the body and the skin. If not consumed of good fat, the skin becomes weaker and more fragile. That come from the blue as salmon and hake fish stimulate the repair and protection of cells. Advised in persons who suffer dermatitis.

Food for look more beautiful skin and hair dull, oily, acne or spots wrinkles hair fall

2-Foods to strengthen your hair:

If you want to make your hair look really nice and healthy every day, reducing damage caused by dye, the planchita, the treatments and the Sun, so don't hesitate to take advantage of these foods:


This small and at the same time wonderful fruit has a good amount of vitamin C and therefore help us to absorb iron from other foods that we eat. This translates into a healthier hair. Don't forget to combine the kiwi for dessert with foods such as lentils.

Dried fruits:

They provide proteins and other minerals that promote hair health. In addition, they offer selenium. This nutrient can improve the health of the scalp. The omega fatty acid e and the alpha linolenic acid present in walnuts condition hair. Almonds have excessive amounts of zinc that prevent strands from falling out

Green vegetables:

Swiss chard, broccoli, spinach and other green vegetables have many vitamins and minerals that are in charge of caring for your hair. In the case of vitamins A and C, have the capacity to produce more oils that the scalp needs to strengthen hair. And as if they were little, have calcium and iron.


Many say that the bacon is not a healthy food, but is bad if it is consumed in excessive amounts. The good news is that it contains zinc, protein and other vitamins of the B complex, crucial so that we can keep hair shiny and thick. You can eat Bacon Turkey or low in sodium to not neglect the diet.

Lean beef:

Lean meat has an excellent amount of iron, is therefore recommended in comparison to the red. If we don't have normal levels of this nutrient, it is more likely that hair fall us. In the case of beef, it will not only bring calcium, they will absorb other nutrients.

Food for look more beautiful skin and hair dull, oily, acne or spots wrinkles hair fall


A unit provide about 4 grams of protein and also a good amount of vitamin B12. If you need this nutrient, it is more likely to appear gray or hair with less pigmentation. Eggs are rich in biotin, related to the growth of hair and nails.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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