Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beauty tricks to look thin and slim face

There are many who have a rather little round face, with striking cheeks as we would like to hide. How to get one face more fine without having to suffer and with little effort? With simple beauty tricks that you will go very well. We invite you to discover them.

Beauty tricks to look thin and slim face best makeup eyebrows eye shadows lips best hair

1-The best hair to achieve a finer face:

To be able to wear a thinner face it would be convenient that we avoid the curly or wavy hair. To fall on our face get mark even more extensive features, so we better try to wear it always straight or staggered. The best advice is straight hair to tune the cheeks and if always usually have it curly, tries that the waves are as soft as possible.
Also avoid that the length is to the mandible. Better longer or even shorter, but never to this point, since it makes the jaw more broadband. The ideal is that the cut is above the Chin so looks to be our cheeks getting a softer effect, a thinner face.
And what about the bangs? Do short, long, with bangs or no bangs? In this case the more flattering is the side bangs and asymmetrical, as it is in the image above. With this cut, exaggerated rendodeces and soften the factions. You'll see how well you have left. As a last tip tell you also that it is best that you do the stripe on one side, never in the Center, since if we divide it into two parts face hardens.

2-The best makeup to achieve a finer face:

Beauty tricks to look thin and slim face best makeup eyebrows eye shadows lips best hair

1. Soft colors on the lips:

It is the best. You can be passionate about the strong colors, and those reds so flattering, but it is best to choose soft shades to soften the face, thus preventing the mandible does not appear very hard and that the balance of the face is displayed more uniform. If you choose shades of pink or a nice nude, sees more elongated mouth and achieve a balance to draw a nice thin face. Remember, great are the lip-glosses, pink and nudes.

2. The appropriate flushing on the cheeks:

Do you usually use blush? If it's so great, they are a great help for us. In this case it would be perfect to use a bronze that give us light and shades in the cheeks. It uses a brush diagonally from the center of the cheek until the hair line, a line which ends in the upper part of our face, almost at the corners of the front. You are always looking for a diagonal line and never straight, since thus Rouges light draws a face thinner, never square.
They are very suitable tones that give light, not you leaning by the dark shades, better a radiant and luminous blush or one of these Rouges giving a tanning effect. It will be you very well.

3. What shadows are the most appropriate?:

You know there is a golden rule. If you make your eyes much it dispenses use a color on the lips. And if you choose a strong color for your mouth, your eye makeup should be very smooth. So if in our case, it is best not to use high tones in the mouth, we will play much with our eyes and the shadows. Use mascara, eyeliner, a nice kohl that ribetee your eyes, will be perfect for all the light focuses in our eyes, at the top and not at the bottom of the face. Choose those colors that most conform to the color of your eyes, using shadows to achieve light and attractive.

Beauty tricks to look thin and slim face best makeup eyebrows eye shadows lips best hair

4. How can the eyebrows help us to create a fine face?:

That can certainly help, and a lot. You know that lately they are fashion eyebrows large and conspicuous, and in the case that we want to get a slimmer face will also be our allies. But quiet, it is not at all leave them natural without plucking them ever, on the contrary, what we will do is sharpen them properly but getting as broad stroke ending in a finite tip at its end towards the front. This is thus a precious framework in our eyes, they shine more and, as always, to offer all the attention to the upper part of the face.
With a staggered pile high Chin or longer of this part, with a side fringe and straight, get no doubt a much smoother image. Meanwhile, to lower the volume of the cheeks always it is recommended to follow a diet low in fat which remove salt, since thus we retain liquids and the face appears to somewhat more swollen. With proper nutrition and these simple economic and easy tips, you'll see as you look more attractive.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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